fishbones...any users out there?

  • I'm feeling the need for toe heel support carving fresh asphalt this week, getting a lot of front heel lift on toesides w/warnings from the app.
    As a hardboot carver on snow I'm used to feeling really locked in, so it's disconcerting. just orded the fishbone quiver so I can put the tall one
    heelside and short on toe.
    anyone else customize toe/heel lift...thoughts?

  • @b0ardski

    Have you tried FlightFins? I had them waiting when my XR arrived, so don't know what life is like without. Still, coming-up on 150 miles (newbie, I know), can't imagine life without them.

    However, as I start to get back in shape, stretch my knees out, a bit of calf fatigue, I'm beginning to wonder if new (concave) foot-pads are in order.

  • I do have fins I haven't mounted yet, was concerned about emergency dismounts being a newby, (28mi. in).
    I like a wider stance so am thinking about extension blocks for the fins.

  • Woohoo bag o' bones arrived yesterday, will test different sizes toe and heel today and report back

  • @b0ardski

    Yes, please do! I am just getting to the point of considering a concave footpad, but was looking at vid reviews of the Fishbones yesterday.

    It's just painful how expensive the accessories are, especially with the Kush pad only being around $40 extra - are the Bones worth the savings over a single piece solid foot pad.

  • @b0ardski

    The Fins haven't given me any problems with dismounts.

    When I was learning on grass, any nosedive over 10 mph was sending me airborne whether I was locked into the Fins or not. I still don't know how I didn't dislocate a shoulder or break a collar bone, but was sure happy I was on grass.

    My past 200 miles on pavement with Fins haven't caused me any problems on dismounts - but I put the Fangs on the day I moved to pavement.

    Either I'm just that awesome at recoveries now (barf!), or the Fangs are giving me the extra second to unlock and get a foot down for the run-out.

    I will say that I suspect doing 5 or 10 nose tap exercises everyday with the Fangs has unconsciously change my body's reflexes during recovery.

    I went out for an 8 mile ride at 5 AM this morning around town, and started hitting speed bumps at a nice clip - lost it twice . . . my body reacted both times with planting my back foot into a tail drag, the board slowed dramatically, then I stepped-off at a slow jog for a few steps as calm as can be - all while holding a coffee.

    The thing is, I didn't know I could do that, and it happened so fast I certainly didn't think about it - somehow my body just knew the next move.

    I attribute it to the nose tap exercises.

    Let me know about the Fishbones. I've been getting that feeling once in awhile that I'm coming off the pad. It's gotten better since I've been wearing hi-top sneakers.

  • I'll find out, I put the spares on the back foot for testing purposes. It'll decide for me how much concave I want.
    Thinking about carving my own custom over sized shape out of some maple block counter top scraps.

  • Love dem bones
    15 mi with the fishbones circling fresh parking lot and the pend o'rielle bridge trail. Had the 3's, highest concave, on the front 2's on the back. Way less heel lift, way more leverage toe/heel for carving, I don't think they'll help much with foot fatigue but does feel more secure all around. super easy install, don't have to remove factory griptape.
    will play more with altering toe and heel heights. 1st impression way positive, though heel lift stop seems a bit more finicky with the 3s on the front.
    The price for the quiver was worth it to setup both front and back and have spares to adjust/customize toe and heel.
    ![alt text](![image url](bonesil.jpg image url))

  • will mount the flight fins after I settle on which thickness of bones to use.
    May not work as well for you size 12 sasquatches out there

  • @b0ardski

    I was just going to ask you what thickness you were using . . . let me know.

    By the way, what's your shoe size?

    Did you get the set with all 3 sizes?

  • I'm a size 9.5-10. Yea the quiver has 1 pair of all 3 thicknesses. The 3x3 are a lot of concave, 10mm on the edge; the 1s are about 6mm
    ps 103mi in

  • another few miles on gravel rd, and rutty driveway with some lumpy lawn. tried different thicknesses toe and heel settled on 3 front toe 2 front heel, 3n3 was too much concave.
    back foot I like 3 back toe /1back heel, this feels the most locked in yet for my rutty drive n side hills. I think I get as much benefit from the fishbones carving on road as I do in rough sidehill terrain off road

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