Need Some Juice Message too Early !?!?!?

  • Hi Floaters,

    I was wondering at what percentage do you get your message "Need Some Juice"??
    I get it around 5% to 8% battery. I heard that it is pretty common for XR but wondering what do you guys get?
    Also im up to 1350 km for 7 month Use.

    Thanks for your reply ;)

    Keep on Floating.

  • @WhiteFreedom sounds pretty normal. I'm only a few 100km more than you but very rarely get that low in battery power.

    The full overnight battery balance helps calibrate the power meter.

  • Ok depending on the board the Need for juice message appear at different percentage so just checking ;)

  • Can't be 100% sure. But if the low juice msg is happening at different % remaining, then the only other relevant data the App gets is battery voltage. So it must trigger once batt voltage hits a low level.

    Keep in mind the battery voltage will sag with load, then recover a bit. So if you ask the board for more power, like short acceleration burst. The battery voltage will drop slightly during that burst and that could be when the alrm is triggered.

  • @WhiteFreedom in the past two weeks I got at 35% severe pushback and battery charge notification.. second time 65% and last night 72% , so I had to call FM because I know something is wrong now , I knew about battery cells balancing so i did 36 hours plugged in between the three times. So yeah you are golden my friend :)

  • @RUFR I am currently in the process of Shipping the board back to FM US from France for the exact same issue.. It is crazy first time I was getting push back hard and need some juice at 38% then did the all recharge for for two weeks and acted like a bandage. Now last week got the message at 65% also and the next day at 71%. I realised that was I was over it... I had to send it back... This is not normal.. It seems more and more people are coming up with those issues with then XR unfortunately.. Will keep posted on progress but annoying issue since it happened only 7 month after receiving the board..

  • @WhiteFreedom

    Most likely a BMS issue. Please let us know what you hear back from FM.

  • @skyman88 said in Need Some Juice Message too Early !?!?!?:

    BMS issue

    I think it is more related to one or multiple battery cells being deficient. I will keep posted on that issue. Meanwhile if you are in France I highly recommend (Nicolas) as a seller for Onewheel and any kind of accessories, he is offering THE BEST after care service helping me go through this issue and even offering to lend me a board so I can ride during my summer holidays.. I have never seen such great business relationship and business guy..
    Will keep updating on all the events

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