Letter to FM Jul 5th 2019

  • Hi Guys!

    Hey, I just wanted to vent my frustrations a little. I know you're probably getting a lot of these emails today and in the past. But when you announced the "arrival" of the Pint it was never mentioned that this was a pre-order. (At least when I purchased.) The only way I found out that I was pre-ordering is when a couple days later went to check when it was shipping. I was worried because I had planned a trip with my daughter to California and wanted to have it so we could ride together. The first delays were saddening but ok because I realize that you probably got hit hard to tons of orders.

    But now almost 5+ months later and there's been no communication (actual reasons) as to why the delays and we were all told that this last 5 week delay was a final delay. I'm getting really concerned. Almost to the point of a formal complaint.

    Anyways, it would have been nice to know from the start that this was a pre-order and it may not even get finished and shipped this year. That would have been ok and I still probably would have ordered it - but stringing us all along month-by-month is crazy! I keep telling my daughter that it's supposed to be here by... then by... then by... then by.... and I look like a fool and it blows up all our plans.

    I know that you guys are doing your best, but we need some real communication or proof that there actually is a thing in production called "Pint." Show us some pics of boxes getting ready or parts staged in the mfg process. Something... We're your biggest fans and yet we're being overlooked here.


  • @Panglossian you took the words right outa my mouth

  • I received a reply today! This looks promising!

    Thanks for reaching out we really appreciate you being a rider, customer, and supporter of ours. My apologies for any confusion and frustration in the process. I wish I could provide some photos of all the work our team is conducting right now! What I can tell you is the first board is estimated to ship out early next week. As early as Monday!

    I know its insanely hard to wait I have an order placed myself and I can see the amazing product that will soon be in your hands so I ask for your trust. We will gladly give you a full refund if you are interested but I can assure you we are very close and they are well worth the wait.

    I will pass your feedback to the corresponding teams for future consideration in our launches.

    Have a good weekend!


  • @Panglossian said in Letter to FM Jul 5th 2019:

    What I can tell you is the first board is estimated to ship out early next week. As early as Monday!


  • @Panglossian whoooa that's amazing..

    I feel bad for all my ranting today

  • @Panglossian what was your order date?

  • @skyman88 I ordered on March 12th at 10am.

  • Promising to be sure, but they are still using qualified language "estimated to ship early next week". In each email I received back the also said things like "estimated, anticipated, expected, etc" for all of the already missed ship dates. Please note that the people that answer our emails have are essentially accessing the "Dude, where's my Onewheel" inquiry engine, just from a different access point.

    That said I am still showing as my order "in production" with my ship date still holding @ 7/9/19, which is still technically to be first shipment out the door. We will see lol. Not trying to be a downer, just a realist.

  • My order has slipped a day and now shows 7/10/19 as my ship date.

  • @Vindigo75 So the onewheel will arrive today or it will start shipping today?

  • @Ethan_Sonberg All posted dates should be considered ship dates as that is all FM communicates through the "DWMOW" portal.

    That said my ship date has rolled back another day to 7/11/19.

  • @Vindigo75 When they rolled it back one day, they must’ve known it wouldn’t be shipped in time.

  • @Vindigo75 maybe it's just me, but i'm taking heart in the fact that yours is rolling back in 1 and 2 day increments, not 1 or 2 week increments. that combined with my date not shifting (so far) this week seems to add up to... something positive.

  • @Franko Im pretty neutral overall. Yes it is frustrating, but my frustration is of a positive spin, if possible, bc I know how good their products are. So I have the comfort of knowing FM is in the midst of handling some growing pain related delays in, quite possibly, the least attentive way possible, as opposed to thinking maybe I got scammed on some level. Still would like my PINT asap of course.

    *pens note to self about exercising "1st day order" self control when the PINT XR gets announced

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