Trail surfing

  • I've only got 45 mi. on the xr and i'm so glad I didn't skimp waiting for the pint coming next fall. the xr exceeds my expectations of an "OFF ROAD" board.
    A kid I passed on the sidewalk today told me "do a kickflip" as I passed him, by the time I said "with a 30# board?" don't think he heard me. Hell I can't do a kickflip at all even when I skateboarded in the 70s/80s. But I dare tony hawk to follow me down a pot holed gravel road on to single track w/ roots and double fallines.

  • hopped the RR tracks to the ponderay bay trail (bum jungle) along the lakeshore.
    blows my phuquing mind what this board can absorb

  • @b0ardski said in Trail surfing:

    for the pint coming next fall

    I see what you did there!

  • I took Rollercarve up to the the ski hill (Schwietzer) yesterday and after a couple quick laps on the pavement in the village headed up the cat road that comes from the backside bowls. I was amazed how something soooo flat and booooring in the winter could be so challenging and gnarly in the summer. Went about 1/2 mile+ before the pitch got up to 15% with rutty rock and gravel when the board said phuqyou and pitched me off. I was expecting it and fully padded so no big.
    Coming back down was gnarlier white knuckle gripped than going up fo sho. After that cruizing the paved roads around the condos and chalets was freekin awesome.
    Went up the lift and rode around the ridge top and had a beer at the Skyhouse, battery was down to 24% and if I'd thought to bring the hypercharger I might have taken the ""easy"" way down the cat rd. glad I didn't because after charging it back up at home I had a flat tire from the sharp crushed granite on the roads and trails, walking down the mt. would've been a bitch carrying the beast.
    As it was I got off the lift ride down and took off for the truck which was mostly downhill so I figured regen would get me there; the last 50yards was steep uphill and it started pulsing and gave mild pushback just as I got to the truck 16% battery left, don;t think I'd have gotten much further.

  • so far it looks like the tire slime is holding the air overnight, I reeeeallly do not want to send it to FM for a new tire at 190 miles, will be buying a hand held air pump today.
    edit; 21# down to 16# in 14 hrs over night

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