Pint 20 mile range from the factory

  • I'd love to see a pint with 20 miles of range from the factory.

  • @kraken640 I’d love to see the people who ordered a Pint in March actually ride it this summer.

  • @kraken640 I'm sure if they actually release the pint.. they will make a pint XR which looks like the pint but bigger and better.

    If that comes I'll wait for someone real to actually have one before I place an order.

  • The pint in it's current advertised form, is a really good biz move IMO. Almost Tesla model 3ish. Smaller package but well built and much more affordable. Sell a sh@# ton of the pint and maybe make some money. IMO I think they are surviving on investor money and not profits yet. Just a guess on my part. The company has a great product and I think the pint will give them a much better foothold in this market. I love all of the Onewheels.

  • Pint looks rad, I wish the XR looked like the Pint.

  • I do agree that an updated XR (2?) that had some of the design changes and features of the Pint would be great, as long as the ability to add aftermarket mods isn't affected. That is one of the best things about the current boards, that you can easily make modifications, either 3rd party or even your own custom mods.

    The original, +, and XR are all very high quality builds, albeit not as sleek of a design as the Pint. Besides the limited speed and battery of the Pint (I did not like the range anxiety on my + vs my XR, which easily outlasts me), I also think it will be harder to mod it. Almost like trying to change the battery or memory in an Apple vs a Windows laptop, where it's a lot easier.

  • battery level on the foot pad, snugger fit against the tire to thwart gravel, built in nose dive wheels at the corners like synergy. built in side handle, choice of tread or slick
    sooooooo many ways forward

  • I actually prefer the xr aesthetic. Maybe will change my mind when the Pint arrives. Will see...

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