At 50% battery power xr slowed.

  • a virtual halt. i couldn't level the board off. It was hard to hold my front leg bent to the degree required to keep moving forward. it also didn't come to a complete stop. I was carrying groceries and not anxious to carry the groceries and the board home. Literally the back end was dragging the ground. i had to jump off. Scary. Please advise. The board isn't old.

  • @holageorgia first step is to do a long charge to give the board a chance to balance the cells. Factory recommends 24hrs.

    That should bring all the cells to same voltage and recalibrate the app power meter.

    I do a balance charge once a month. Which for me is about 20 charge cycles.

    If that doesn't fix it the its a possibly a bad cell or BMS and that would mean a call to FM.

  • @holageorgia I've had the same issue when below 40%. Onewheel support was unable to give me any help other than "can you take a video of it happening"... "you mean me falling on my face?" I've just come to the realization that I can't ride safely at less than 40%, which is a shame since that's much less than the advertised range. I still love my board, but am frustrated with their inability to recognize the problem.

  • Should add, they told me I could send it in to be checked out. I told them it would be quicker and cheaper for me to just take it to the factory in Santa Cruz, but they insisted I could not do that. Next time I'm in Santa Cruz I plan to just drop in, seems like the only way I'll get the problem recognized in a timely manner.

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