At 50% battery power xr slowed.

  • a virtual halt. i couldn't level the board off. It was hard to hold my front leg bent to the degree required to keep moving forward. it also didn't come to a complete stop. I was carrying groceries and not anxious to carry the groceries and the board home. Literally the back end was dragging the ground. i had to jump off. Scary. Please advise. The board isn't old.

  • @holageorgia first step is to do a long charge to give the board a chance to balance the cells. Factory recommends 24hrs.

    That should bring all the cells to same voltage and recalibrate the app power meter.

    I do a balance charge once a month. Which for me is about 20 charge cycles.

    If that doesn't fix it the its a possibly a bad cell or BMS and that would mean a call to FM.

  • @holageorgia I've had the same issue when below 40%. Onewheel support was unable to give me any help other than "can you take a video of it happening"... "you mean me falling on my face?" I've just come to the realization that I can't ride safely at less than 40%, which is a shame since that's much less than the advertised range. I still love my board, but am frustrated with their inability to recognize the problem.

  • Should add, they told me I could send it in to be checked out. I told them it would be quicker and cheaper for me to just take it to the factory in Santa Cruz, but they insisted I could not do that. Next time I'm in Santa Cruz I plan to just drop in, seems like the only way I'll get the problem recognized in a timely manner.

  • Is this a common problem with XR's?

  • @Senior-Coffee happens with all multi-cell battery packs including your battery drill. The pack needs a balance charge regularly.

    OP hasn't come back with any updates so I'm guessing the balance charge fixed it.

  • You're right and the only real way balancing can be done properly is to either do each battery individually or connect them all in parallel and bottom balance them. The bms main purpose is to keep the batteries at similar and safe operating states, voltage. In doing so it ends up sort of balancing the cells as a secondary effect. A very positive secondary effect.

  • Check out my topic I had the same issue:

    After a faire amount of research this Issue does happened a lot with XR..
    Always leave your board on charge when not using it..

  • @WhiteFreedom @Senior-Coffee

    Best thing you can do is ride your board down to 1%. May need to turn off and back on a few times... you can get it down.

    The upwards nose is called low battery pushback (also referred to as Captain Morgan) and it’s because the board favors the lowest of the 15 cells, so if one is out of balance it dictates when low battery occurs. So fully drain your board and then charge for an extended period of time. With my OW+ 72 hours was the magic number. On my XR, I haven’t had any issue in the past 13 months.

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  • Per this subject I wanted to see where my new XR would not only give me the "need more juice" warning but also where it would do a low power shut down. I ran it all the way to shut down today to see. It went all the way to 01% before shutting off. My XR is new with only 19 miles and in my opinion 01% shut off should be the outcome with properly matched and balanced cells. Every couple months I'll run my boards to 0 and then give them a long charge. I do that with all of my EV's.

    It's especially important for me to know where the XR is going to cut off since when it shuts off it's not going to just coast to a stop. Insert thoughts of nosediving and superman pose here lol. I purchased a V1 just 3 weeks ago with 22 miles on it. I ran it down 3 times and found out it's low power shut off is 04% with a very stout Cpt Morgan right before. My XR had no Cpt Morgan, it just shut off at 01%. Now, I'll never ride my boards below 10% but it's comforting to know for sure I can go to that point before having to stop.

  • @Senior-Coffee For the first several hundred miles of owning my +, I lived next to a park, so I would always get back to the park with somewhere under 15% left. I would ride around the park until I got close to 0%, with the pushback starting around 2%. There were even times it would still go even with 0% showing! But I'm with you, I never ride my boards down to below 10%, so it is good to know they don't cut out until below that.

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  • @skyman88
    Trust me buddy,
    I tried all the possible outcome.
    I had to send my board to FM and it is now
    Finally on the way back with this Message:

    “You sent your board in due to problems with the battery and Bluetooth issues. After checking in with our techs, it appears that the tire was heavily worn and flat. Our team replaced the controller circuit board, battery pack, battery management system, and the tire. We extensively tested your board post repair to ensure that it was operating properly.”

    I couldn’t do Anything and the issue for worst and worst. Those issues are very common and battery of XR are getting more and more out of
    Balanced/ with bad battery.
    If you do not have this issue it is just a matter of time ;)

    Keep floating

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