OW Pint Orders | Whats going on?

  • Hey, I am thinking of getting a pint and I was just curious on what some of the shipping dates are.. I heard that some of them are pushed back to July 16th.

  • @Ethan_Sonberg if you order now you wont get it for another 2 months

  • Hey there, thank you for the fast feedback. I did have another question, that being, what are the dimensions of the pint footpads? I cannot find this on any website or the description of the pint...

  • Some important markers to consider.

    1. As of 3/28/2019 according to Silicon Valley Business Journal, the 60,000 foot North San Jose factory (which is presumably where Pints are to be built) had not yet been established

    "Soon, the company will open its own 60,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in San Jose."

    1. As of July this factory was in place in some capacity.

    "The Santa Cruz office has moved and expanded from 15,000 square feet to 60,000 square feet. Onewheel is also using a new manufacturing facility in San Jose."

    • It is my understanding that OW XRs are made by hand and assume that the prototype Pints were as well. Maybe a manufacturing process was even drafted for the Pint before the new factory opened. However if the above timelines are accurate then the new factory wasn't even open until April (after FM took a ton of "preorder" money).

    • Any new production line takes time to work out issues and ensure design specifications are met. The same tool running on the same settings but just set up at a different place and time might result in a measurable difference in the final result. It seems to me that FM assumed they'd open a new factory and would be able to immediately begin production rather than have to iron out the settings/setup of their machinery for production.

    • My best guess is their manufacturing line is now on the 2nd iteration of layout/settings and they're now seeing some additional things needing to be smoothed out.

    • This is a Silicon Valley company. So far the fact that FM has an actual customer service team and a phone number that works puts them ahead of most Silicon Valley companies in terms of showing a commitment to doing right by customers.

    • Until the first Pint ships for creditor purposes anyone who "preordered" is a secured creditor. We have been promised a good in return for our money (as compared with an unsecured creditor who just gets a pinkie swear to get paid back with interest). If FM folds tomorrow we will be at the top of the queue to get our money back. Let us hope that the distinctions there are just academic.

  • I am now showing SHIPPED as of 7/11.

    There is a fed ex number hyperlink, but no tracking info returned when I click through. Maybe just updated. Will try again in a bit.

  • Photos of shipments posted on OW insta! Finally!! Wohoo!!

  • @NenoX27 that's what I just saw... came right here for confirmation lol

  • @Vindigo75 Excellent, keep us updated

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