Customer Service

  • Does anyone have a number to customer service? Order placed Nov. 20 with anticipated ship date of end of December. Been in contact with Carley who hasn't returned my emails in several days...

  • @lstdlstd I think maybe Carly got fired, as she stopped responding to me as well.

  • They probably just got back to work today from the holiday.. I'm sure they have a shit load of emails to answer.. They won't forget u..

  • What njcustoms says is probably pretty accurate.

    They will get back to you but for me it took a long time, as with other people to. Just wait and they will eventually get back to you :)

  • Carly is a onewheeling angel keep the faith! OW is just adjusting to tremendous public response and interruptions sourcing certain parts of the OW. Also retailers are starting to court them. My buddy at Southern Raft Supply just placed an order for 200 units. They apparently had a video conference to go over the details of the supplier/retailer relationship. All to say FM and Onewheel are going through some huge growth spurts which is fantastic for all of us as consumers because they need all the support and resources they can get to keep blowing our minds with incredibly ingenious inventions! This whole onewheeling thing is an exercise in patience and understanding as much as it is access to complete freedom of motion and vast unadulterated personal pleasure. The wait time for anything onewheel related pails in comparison to the amount of time you spend bobbing up and down waiting for waves, or the time you spend waiting in line for the chair lift. Especially on the east coast anyways. You must accept all aspects of the onewheel including the part where it doesn't turn on and has to go to the Dr. or hasn't shown up yet. The hollow that is formed by all that anticipation creates space for all the joy you wheel feel once upon your Onewheel!

  • Well said @ashewheeler!

  • And remember it is CES 2016 this week so I bet they are there and very busy.

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