Hi-Tops For Foot Cramping?

  • 200 miles in now, been in pretty good shape, but was still getting some foot cramping wearing an old pair of Sketchers board sneakers.

    I'm comfortable on the board, average about 12 mph, and am fine carving the entire time (promotes circulation?) in Cruz Mode - so I been a little stumped as to what the problem is.

    Yesterday I decided to try an old pair of over-the-ankle very lightweight Timberland's I have laying around.

    I did 12 miles last night with no cramping.

    Anyone else experience this?

  • new foot beds with gel and lots of arch support made a world of difference for me, just like orthotics in my ski and board boots.

  • I read somewhere some guy was recommending what footwear to use.

    He said not to use shoes with extra spring or air bubbles for example as it may mess with your senses when learning how to control the board.
    He recommended flat skateboarding shoes.....

    I have loads of cushioned springy shoes and I have flats like Van's.. what do most people recommend for newbies like myself.

    I ordered a pint so you can take your time with your replies;) Thanks

  • Vans, or any flat soled skate shoes work great!

  • No matter what shoes I wear I get back foot fatigue.

  • @Maverik


    90% of my foot cramping has gone away with my light weight old Timberland over-the-ankle hiking/walking boots. Plus, that 'not being on the pad' feeling has mostly subsided.

    I forget where I read or saw this, but someone suggested that the 'being off the pad' feeling was due to the foot moving in the shoe, and that a better fitting shoe tied snug could alleviate that.

    Hey, we're all different, if a 'skater' shoe isn't working, I thought I'd try something else.

    I am wondering if my foot cramp and position problem could have been the wrong shoe (even if it was a skater shoe).

    At this point, I'm ready to buy a pair of Reeboks.

    My only guess is to hit a thrift store for a bunch of a pair of shoes (what I did), find what works (even if it's hiking boots), and stick with 'em.

    I'm just glad the pain is gone, cuz I want drama-free miles.

  • I'm starting to think that strong arch support is more important than the feel from a flat skate shoe. I get cramping but figure it's because my feet don't have good muscles. Reading the forum is making me re-think that. Next long ride I'm going to try hiking boots. Great discussion!

  • did I mention footbeds...it don't matter whats on the outside if whats on the inside sucks

  • i got a pair of fila 3/4 high tops at bealls outlet for 8 bucks w the velcro adjustment at top i highly recommend for pavement and sidewalks...i've tried ace ankle brace wrap w my merrel vibram barefoot shoes also works good. the high tops w velcro nice to adjust on long distances pavement but the merrel vibram barefoot not finger style lets you feel the edge of board off-road as not to slip off shoe is super flexible and i wear dickiies kevlar socks if clean, they rock. and the ace wrap brace fits in shoe no problem.

  • Vans UltraRange helped me. They offer a lot of support and are VERY comfortable. I also have a pair of Vans with Ortholite inserts, which helped for me, too. I found that skate shoes with no arch support caused me to have foot fatigue.

  • @AgentWomack dude Vans all the way. The new Tony Trujillo’s Pro (a bit spendy) and I haven’t gotten that foot cramp or anything anymore.

  • these days if you aint payin near 100 bucks your shoes are crap

  • @b0ardski But my shoes only cost $35! Wait, my feet hurt... F...

  • Maybe it's time we get a shoe manufacturer to make something designed just for floating, after all it's not skating, hiking, or running it's a float life and needs a float shoe. Yo, DC, globe, etnes, you got a market over here, get on it!

  • @b0ardski damn straight!!

  • Update:

    I'm now 10 days into wearing the lightweight hi-top Timberland's . . . no more foot fatigue whatsoever, I'm riding longer and better. I just have a bit of calf fatigue after 12 to 15 miles, which I assume is just needing to continue rebuilding the muscles - but no foot cramping.

    Just one guy's opinion, but if board shoes ain't working, find something that does, it may not be you, it may be your shoes.

  • @Kielanders calf and hammy stretches are are something I notice when I forget to do them

  • So I’m def feeling the need for hi tops now! lol I went ahead and ordered these Vans 112 Mid Pro’s today. Review’s look promising too.

  • @a1katie

    Let us know how they do when you get them. I only used the Timberland's because the were laying around. I've been debating on getting an old skool pair of Converse.

  • @Kielanders Will do! I’ve been debating classic chucks and was curious if anyone rides in those as well?

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