Hi-Tops For Foot Cramping?

  • I haven't tried any high-tops yet. But of the shoes I have tried these are the current distance and comfort champions.
    They are your everyday average Teva's. They are flat bottomed for good control but seem to have just enough squish for distance and shock absorption.
    Might change my mind come winter.

    Others I have tried:
    Nike Downshifter6 (OK)
    Sketcher sketch air (worst, way to soft)
    Mizuno Waverider (OK, old enough to have less squish)
    Merrell (low top hikers, too much heal)
    Minnetonka Moose leather mocks (OK)
    $.99 walmart flip flops (broke, of course)
    Barefoot (second favorite)

  • I actually rode in Frye engineering boots over the weekend! Had to hike a bit thru weeds and grass to get to my spot, and I didn’t want my skate shoes getting covered in stickers and foxtails. I figured it was okay since OnewheelAngel (winner of the W’s Race for the Rail) rides in cowboy boots!

  • @Sponge315 You don’t crave ankle support in those?

  • Na, never had any ankle issues. But do have to usually buy a size or two large to get them wide enough.
    Dang duck feet.

  • @OneDan I know this is the shoe post... but have you tried a Kush rear pad? For me that made a huge difference in my foot cramping... also you won't be able to go back to stock grip tape afterwards, so you've been warned.

  • @Sponge315 oh, lol that’s not what I meant. I’ve not had ankle issues either, but have found that adding ankle support thru hi tops actually helps to alleviate foot cramping and fatigue.

  • Not Hi tops, but these new releases look very interesting:

  • @skyman88 Actually, I just installed a FM Surestance Pro Fusion rear pad and it's made a big difference. Did a 15 mile ride this morning and between the new grippy/beveled pad and the mid top Van's, I'm good to go! Tho, honestly, I've never had an issue losing grip on either of my boards, but then I only ride pavement and relatively smooth dirt/gravel paths.

  • @OneDan yeah it's when you go over large tree roots you thank your lucky stars you have your feet on the board still, haha.

    The Kush pad is like that also... but made of a slightly flexible polymer. So it would be good even if it was flat but that softness with the concave is just right!

    Happy sidewalk surfing.

  • I bought a pair of Vans Sk8-Hi a year ago. I chose the Pro ones because they seemed more "skaty" than the regular skate ones.

    That was a great choice. They're so comfortable. It's like riding with bootee.

    A few months later, I bought the regular ones to see the difference: I will never ride with them. Never. I could be barefooted it would be the same. Regulars are garbage. Even laces are bad.

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