Nosedive on very low battery

  • Good afternoon,

    Does low voltage (30%-15%) cause nosedives if riding fast or aggressive?

  • @tony420121

    That seems to be the consensus if you read through all of the nose dive threads.

    From what I have gathered, fast aggressive riding (especially going up hill) when the battery is below 50% of capacity is a recipe for disaster.

    It seems there is not enough reserve energy left in the batteries under those circumstances to allow for the motor to keep up with what the rider is demanding of the board.

    Your physical size also factors into the equation, because larger size equals greater energy demand.

    I think of it as: If you ride a horse too hard too long, something's going to give, and you're probably going to get thrown.

  • Yes sir...that’s what caused mine....I however take the blame because I ignored the warnings.

  • @tony420121

    Yes. Which model do you have? Did you experience this or just asking?

    That's part of the appeal of CnR, VnR, Zombie, etc... modding OW+'s is you can keep them in the voltage sweet spot for performance much longer.

  • @skyman88 Was on a XR when it happened, battery between 25-15

  • @tony420121

    That is “normal” for an XR. I stop pushing it at 30% left.

    If you do a search for a battery voltage plot (especially by temperature), it’ll make sense.

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  • @skyman88 Then calling it "extended range" is false advertising if it fails at 30%, correct? Love my Onewheel but this is a big point of frustration with them. They should admit the flaw and give us a refund, instead they just deflect.

  • @olmstead The way I understood it was that when battery is low you can still get range/milage but you just don't push it as hard. I think it would be a defect if it always shuts down at 30% battery but I don't think thats the case. I try to do all my stupid stuff in the first 50% of battery :-).

  • @olmstead Let's be honest, you didn't buy one to get maximum performance on low battery life. I get the sense that you don't love it, and that's OK man. It sounds like you want something from Future Motion that they can't give you, probably time to move on.
    I'm sure someone will buy the board as-is, with whatever issue, for a few hundred under your purchase price. Good luck!

  • @tony420121
    As the comments here and elsewhere note when battery capacity drops so does the actual cell voltage. This reduced available power (Volt x Amps = Watts) Is what gets the rider in trouble and can be felt in motor surges when the battery available power is lacking. If the OW is asked to sustain the abrupt activity (acceleration or up hill) then it might go in to protect mode (Nose Dive) for the sake of the battery when the cells are not able to provide the amperage needed by the brushless motor.

  • @agent00111

    Agreed. When I was first learning, I was tooling around a softball field at low speed in Sequoia until the board was almost stone cold dead, literally riding while dragging the tail end of my board in the grass back to the car because of low battery pushback.

    I think my lowest level was 3%

  • after the xr, no phqing way I"d take anything less

  • you will NEVER get full performance from 50% get used to it

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