Fangs ?

  • I have read over and over about all the hype about these wheels. I'm really glad that they are helping someone. I'm not as old as the oldest riders here, probably haven't ridden as far or as extreme as most. I still ride a V1 but updated. Tried the Fang thang and so far I don't get it. So far after over 1000 mi without and 200 with , I haven't had situation were I needed them. I think the main difference is what mode I ride in. I couldn't force the front wheels to touch unless my board was set to loosy goosy (de-tuning the stiffness). I'm not sure what mode that is but I hate it...that's just me. I like the Extreme mode(stiff and sensitive) LOL. I find the wheels don't have a chance on dirt, crushed granite, and my crappy asphalt sharp graveled roads in my neighborhood . With all that said, and the fact I have now stuck my foot in my mouth...I'm going to leave em on...they don't bother me and maybe they will catch me someday. I guess it's kinda like my reserve parachute on my powered paraglider for me. I hope I never have to use them.

  • @Enterusername Yeah, I had 2 nosedives . . . one at 90 miles when taking off from low speed, so less than 5 mph and the second at around 600 miles on the board going 21 mph. Installed fangs after that one, not that it would help at 21 mph even if I was on a totally smooth surface, but they did save me twice after that. I have over 2300 miles on my 2 boards together and haven't needed them probably since I passed 1000 miles, pretty sure due to my improved skills and the fact that I keep the max speed at around 15mph. But, I do let people try the board and they may help save someone in the future. Like you, keeping them on "just in case". :)

  • They are like airbags .

    You dont want to have to use them and if you do.. they cant guarantee you wont get a nosebleed.

  • Speed has never been my friend. I have always gotten spanked bad when pushing it, mainly on pavement. I'm not sure I've ever been much over 15mph on any Onewheel. That seems fast enough for me on this machine for just cruising and carving around, which is all I do with it. I have more appropriate toys that were designed for more speed. I still love this thing for what it is. It blows my mind every time I get on the thing. Overall, I think it's my favorite toy ever. It's incredibly accessible. If it ever dies on me I will get another. So far, with my recent crappy health issues it will probably out live me. Bottom line is for me, I agree with everyone, If these Fangs ever save me once , they will pay for their selves. I'm just saying, not so far for me, I'm not sure. I'm thinking if I pearl, I caused it. If I can't deal with the fail, I was probably going to fast or over challenged the design limitations of the machine(basically did something stupid), In which case I deserved to get spanked.

  • @OneDan can you set the maximum speed via the app?

  • @Daymos Nope, not even an alarm to go off at a set speed either, though I've asked for that many times from FM. There is an app for Android Watches that had that feature (worked great), but then FM changed the API and the app no longer works. That app connected directly from the watch to the board via bluetooth.

    I use the FM watch app connected to the FM Android phone app, and that shows battery, speed, estimated distance remaining and distance traveled. I've been riding almost 2 years, so my body can sense when I'm going close to 15mph, but I still have the watch app running just in case.

    FYI, there's no way on a balanced board that software could limit your speed due to the physics of how such tech works. It "could" do pushback earlier and/or nosedive earlier, but that's not really a solution.

  • Good question. I don't know about the Onewheel. I can on my e-mountain bike.

  • I just read that the Segway PT is equipped with "beginner" or "turtle" mode for 6mph and standard is 12.5mph. I know it's two wheeled but I think they use similar self balancing electronics (Arduino) ???

  • @Enterusername I think with the handle, pushback can be more forceful on the Segway. I'm sure if you leaned forward enough (check youtube, lol), you can still "nosedive" on them.

  • @OneDan Interesting. I've never ridden one of those things. Maybe things will be better for folks with the Pint. It's looks to have a limit of 16. I read your old post about Customizable speed limit. Good stuff.

  • @Enterusername That 16 mph speed limit just means that if you approach or go over that, you'll be in nosedive territory! Unless you know how to fall, I'd keep the pint around 12/13 mph max.

  • @OneDan Have you already tried the Pint? Has anyone at FM told you that? That doesn't seem right. If your correct, there may be a bunch of pissed off people. I would like to hear that fact from FM. I'm sure glad I don't need a board now. This discussion is really making me love my e-bike more... LOL

  • @Enterusername It's the same tech in the pint, they can't stop nosedives if you push past the limits of the board. I love my OW, WAY more fun than biking, but I respect it's limitations and that's what keeps me alive!

  • @Enterusername The words falling and Onewheel seem to be discussed on this forum a bunch together. Goes with the territory I think, given the choice I would rather never fall than be a master faller. hey hey

  • Had the mini 2.0’s save my ass twice. Even being a good rider who’s in control OWs can get
    Both times I hit some uneven and rough pavement and had the nose hit.
    Both times I could feel the fangs hit and roll though allowing me to adjust.

    Love the insurance comment! Could be a whole different story had I not made that $50 investment.

  • mini fangs saved my ass in the parking lot this eve. a car whips into the parking spot, I hit the brake and dragged tail, they stopped. I accelerated too hard and nose dived, rolled out and kept cruizing instead of eating asphalt in front of the audi, that was worth 50 bucks.
    why aren't these standard equipment????

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