It's not a skateboard . . .

  • It's a f*cking Time Machine.

    Step on it, and you're 12 years old all over again.

  • good one, I'm gonna use that

  • It's a hoverboard . . . step on it and you're Marty McFly!!!

  • It's a freakin blast for sure. Rode one for the first time yesterday and not only am I hooked but I told my wife it was my mid life crisis. I'm 55 and hoping not to break a hip. : ) Senior coffee please....

  • @Senior-Coffee

    Just sat down from a 15 mile ride at 4 AM this morning - couldn't sleep, had the streets to myself while sipping on a cup of coffee through a straw under my full helmet, it was awesome.

    Turn 54 in a couple of weeks, so I'm right there with you - coming up on 300 miles with my XR, it's worth every penny.

    Practice on a grass softball field for the first 50, then get some Fangs, pads, & helmet and hit the road.

  • @Senior-Coffee @Kielanders i just turned 52, so hearing that you guys are out there somewhere makes me happy. being an older snowboarder, i'm used to being one of the "Grays on Trays" (heh), but it would be nice to not be the ONLY Onewheeler in my 50s, haha.

  • I already know I'm going to want to do more mileage so ordered the two-x battery kit for my V1. I'm an EV guy, (electric vehicle). I've owned 7 counting the V1. I was already looking into how I could upgrade and add more batteries to it and then I ran across the two-x kit.

    Ordered the pint last week. It'll be a while before riding that one. It'll be interesting to see what aftermarket parts become available for the pint.

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