Got my board today...

  • No not the pint, the V1 silly people. I ordered a pint on June 29 but previous to that I had been watching a couple Onewheel boards on ebay. I was just waiting for the best deal. Got a V1 with 22 miles on it. Thank you Ryan from Los Angeles. Man this thing is fun. It immediately connected to the Onewheel app. I started in the garage holding myself up against a table to get used to getting on and off. Soon after I put all my gear on and proceeded to the yard. Within 10 minutes I was doing small laps. I thought I was hooked before, I'm out of my mind addicted now! lol. Damn you FM.
    I turned 55 last month and just found my mid life crisis.

    Growing up, I had the opportunity of surfing and skateboarding and the skills I learned from that definitely helped me on the board today. I'm going to spend a bit more time in the weeds before getting on the street. And oh yeah, mods, I already ordered the Two-X battery kit for it.

  • @kraken640 Congrats! I know the feeling . . . got a + 2 years ago . . . loved it so much, I got an XR last year . . . I know if they come out with an XR2 in the future, I won't be able to resist upgrading yet again!

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