Pints in the Wild... Post What Is Good / Not So Good. LET THE RIDE BEGIN!

  • @Franko
    How is the Pint treating you? If you can share any details on range and which stop method you have been using (back up to stop or standard OW). Thank you...

  • @LidPhones my first two rides were awesome -- i mean, i'm a bit shaky, but starting on grass was the key for me. i rode just over two miles on my first day in the grass, and felt confident enough afterwards to ride the 4 blocks or so home. the SimpleStop feature is toggle-able, and i like it for right now, but once i get better i can see i'm going to disable it so i can practice riding fakey.

  • @Franko
    Great info for now thanks. I look forward to your thoughts after a few more mile. On the Sage Pint (Limited Ed) does it have any other extra features that you are aware of or is it just a color thing?

  • @LidPhones it's just the colorway, i think -- well, and the Social Club, which i'm not entirely clear on what that is or what you get for it. (anyone know?)

  • Hey @Franko any thoughts on the Simplestop feature? Are you leaving it on or turning it off? This is the one detail I'm most curious about I think.

  • @a1katie i like the SimpleStop so far. it's helping me learn how to stop, and as a noob, i need that help. i can see how it will probably be something i'll disable later on as i get better, though, and want to start practicing riding fakey.

  • @a1katie
    Post back once you have a couple rides on the pint (hopefully today). Have fun...

  • Should have some general Pint Ride/Function comments to update here this week. A local dealer has gotten a Pint or two in.... so a Demo ride is planned.

  • @LidPhones Oh! Sorry bud! I just realized I never came back and replied here, and I don't think you saw the review I posted in another thread?

    @a_onekatie said in Pint reviews???:

    Okay Review from a total Noob:

    I've had my pint for 3 days now and put a mile on it each day. So far I've only ridden it "off road" on dirt, grass/weeds, gravel or brick. Dirt is by FAR my favorite of those options. Last night I reached my top speed of 7 MPH. I also had my first real wipeout. I think both these things are good tho, as they indicate I'm starting to feel more confident.

    Is the board Squirrely? Yes, surprisingly so! I really was not prepared for the extreme roundness of the wheel and learning to maintain my toe/heel balance has been a much steeper learning curve than maintaining my front/back foot balance. This is coming into play in both my turning and stopping as well. I'm thinking I may want to start messing around with my shaping a bit accordingly.

    Coming from a Snowboarding background, the "foot freedom" really keeps astonishing me. My wipeout happened when riding over a lot of debris and the board started bouncing me around until I just couldn't manage to hang on any longer. I seem to make constant minor adjustments that I really wasn't expecting to be able to do lol. Also, the principals of turning are very different. Instead of straightening out my back leg and leaning my whole body into a turn, on the Pint it's really only about that toe/heel balance of your front foot. I'm nailing the broader, sweeping turns now but find that on tighter/faster turns, my body really wants to dig in and the board often ends up throwing me off instead. Same thing when riding faster and trying to come to a sudden stop. I'm sure I just need more practice with this tho. Interestingly, on a snowboard I've always favored my Heel side, but on the Pint I'm definitely more comfortable on my Toe side (although I bet this might change if riding on a steep decline). One thing that's really cool about the wheel is, even though it's really round, there is still sort of a "lip" to it's curve and you can really feel when you've managed to lock onto it.

    How do you more experienced riders pull off those tighter/faster turns? Any pointers would be much appreciated! I totally have "grip tape hand" hand right now from constantly picking up my board and reorienting her.

    A note about the SimpleStop feature: I'm really debating turning this off. While I get it's purpose and usefulness, I think it might be causing some unnecessary issues right now while I'm still learning. When I'm feeling a little overzealous and decide to "jump right back on my board," I have a tendency to over extend my weight distribution and immediately nose dive instead of bringing the board up to balance. My instinct then is to stay put and bring the board to balance in the opposite direction by leaning on my back foot, which then triggers the simple stop and I end up tail diving instead and causing the wheel to spin out (wheel slip?).

    As mentioned above, I love this baby off road. If you were worried the Pint is more of an asphalt surfer, fret not. It takes every single rock, divit, small drop off, branch or twig like a total champ and still feels super cush. I bought mine because I needed a small and portable commuter, but now that I have it I am realizing I'll probably use it off road just as often (if not more). I think this weekend I'll take her down to my actual road to test range and the feel on pavement; I live on one of the best motorcycle drives in Northern Cali, so should be fun!

    Other than all of that, I can say that I am thoroughly addicted. I find myself absolutely rushing to get home every night to get on my board before it gets too dark. Riding at twilight is actually really awesome, that's when the light display really catches my eye.

    Fast forward to today (2 weeks since delivery) and I am up to 18 miles on my board! I would say I average 7 - 8 MPH and I am definitely getting at LEAST 10 miles on range. Taking the tire pressure down to 12 helped me out a lot, and I am really liking the Elevate shape mode on my rough, all terrain roads.

    Here are my thoughts on commuting with the Pint specifically:
    @a_onekatie said in Your Pint Shipping Date:

    I’m getting really curious what the real world applications of commuting on a Pint will be like.

    I have a really varied commute. I drive for 35 mins, take a train for 45 mins and then have to walk another 15. As I’ve mentioned before, that 15 min walking section and navigating the vast Train parking lot were the “justification” I used to finally commit to my Pint order. But now that I’ve had it in my hands a bit, I’m realizing the thing really is not THAT light weight, when I’m on the train I’ll have to lay it on the ground. There’s also absolutely no way for me to carry it (without the fender I’m still missing) and not get road dirt all over my clothes. In reality I’m beginning to think the Pint is more for the commuter who lives a short distance from work and just doesn’t want to drive it.

    All that said, I’m still going to give Commuting on the Pint a shot. Even if I decide in the end it’s not worthwhile, I’m not by any means upset or disappointed with my Pint order since I’ve realized it’s off road capabilities make it just a valuable to me in recreation.

    Lastly, my thoughts on footwear, and some links to video footage I took as well:
    @a_onekatie said in Hi-Tops For Foot Cramping?:

    Got my 112 Mid Pro’s last night. My first instinct is that these are the Onewheel shoe! The ultra cush sole feels absolutely incredible; it’s real thick and bouncy through the heel and arch but not at all past the ball of your foot. I imagine this will really ease foot fatigue while still maintaining toe grip. The mid hight gives good ankle support and protection without being too restrictive.

    Okay nobody laugh at me!!!!! (Also I personally refuse to purchase a selfie stick, so the view is handheld and a little rough)

    Off Road testing

    Pavement Surfing

    New Shoes, New Board

  • @a_onekatie
    Awesome information here. Really appreciate the details. I am super pumped for the portability of the Pint and possibility to TSA it for flight. I am glade the motor is solid and board stability remains. I have had to carry the XR a couple times up a hill or two then re-gen down to make it home. Your 10 mile range is great, I am a bigger guy at 240 LBS so I would expect I might get a few miles less. On the XR I get right at 16 miles.... Happy TerraSurfing and post back any other details you uncover.

  • Will unbox and set up for initial impression / feel compared to V1, + and +XR.

  • @a_onekatie hey hows it all going with the pint a couple weeks in?

    How would you compare your first rides to now?

  • @Daymos Going really well! I wish I could get more time in during the week, but just been too dang busy lately.

    I'm getting the tighter turns down now; the key seems to be momentum and the ability to sort of whip my body around (especially if I'm running out of speed, I can kind of cheat it with a spinning, hop type of motion). I'm actually better on my heel side here now, mostly because it forces me to move my body more than in the other direction. I learned a lot from the YouTube vid FM put out last week, Things We Wish We Knew (or something like that), and have focused in on using my upper body to steer instead of trying to control it all with my feet/legs.

    I'm really, really enjoying the Pacific shape mode these days. It should just be the official "Pint" mode, lol, it's so carve happy! But I do still go with Elevate on my most rugged terrain. I tried deactivating Simple Stop, briefly. While I could manage my dismounts fine without it, I quickly realized that riding reverse is not for me, so I've enabled it again and am nailing all my dismounts now.

    I would say the only place still giving me difficulty is when I attempt to ride up a steep incline. I can't tell if there's a trick to it that I'm just not getting yet, or if the pint really isn't made for doing that (off-road at least).

    Still haven't ridden for longer than 2 hours, in fits and starts. This weekend I really want to attempt a long ride.

  • Has anyone taken their pint on wet sand? Any sand surfing?

  • @a_onekatie Excellent thanks you for such a detailed reply.

    I've defo learnt alot from everyone here before i've even stepped onto a board. :)

  • @a_onekatie Awesome thanks for the info! I will for sure check out the video... I’m a newbie to FM and can’t wait to get mine ESD 8/22

  • @a_onekatie
    Glad the Pint is treating you nicely. Slow and steady to learn how the motor works with you.... On the steeper up hill I reduce speed just a bit and add some slight carve back and forth vs straight up... Should help adding some angle in....

  • @a_onekatie said in Pints in the Wild... Post What Is Good / Not So Good. LET THE RIDE BEGIN!:

    Going really well! I wish I could get more time in during the week, but just been too dang busy lately.

    oh man, that's MY problem, too. such irony! i waited months for this, and now i don't have any time to ride it more than quick errands here and there, haha. but i'm now seriously considering taking it to burning man next week, so then i'll have 10 days with PLENTY of opportunity. i wasn't going to bring it, but now i think i really can't resist it.

  • @Franko do it! 🤘🏻

  • @sandsurfer no wet sand, but yes to dry and weedy sand and we just floated right thru.

    I’ve seen video footage of the plus and xr on wet sandy beaches and they did just fine. I can’t imagine the Pint would have any issues.

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