Pints in the Wild... Post What Is Good / Not So Good. LET THE RIDE BEGIN!

  • @Franko
    BM would be sweet event to one day attend.... Yeah the transition from solid to not solid terrain can nasty. I feel the narrower Pint tire will suffer even more on this aspect. The XR has a hard enough time as it is... I will be test this factor out soon on the Pint and report back....

  • @LidPhones said in Pints in the Wild... Post What Is Good / Not So Good. LET THE RIDE BEGIN!:

    *Charging seems slow even compared to the XR which has almost 2.4 times the Wh rating. I will be making an adapter to use my XR charger for sure. That will boost the charge Amps up. Though I do like the Pint sized charge brick.

    Huh, really? How long does the XR take to charge? I don’t think I’ve had to leave my board plugged in longer than an hour ever to recharge it and I’ve been pleasantly surprised by that speed. Before receiving mine I was assuming that the rapid charger would be essential once I start commuting but now I’m actually very happy I saved money there.

  • @LidPhones in previous years i'd see someone on a OW and i'd be dying to ask them about it and maybe even beg a ride, but either they were going too fast and were gone, or i was too intimidated to ask. now that i will have my own Pint, i'm hoping to be able to chat with other OW owners there more. (THEY will probably be stopping ME to ask about the Pint, haha)

  • @a_onekatie
    The XR for me takes about 1.3 hours or so depending on my lower % start point. Most of the time from maybe 20% I am done in an hour-ish, the last 5% takes takes a long time.... I know the charge rate for the Pint factory module is locked with 1.3 Amps so using the XR charger will get you up to ~3.2 Amps at the 63 VDC output. Plus I already have it so why not use it right?. One hour is not bad for the Pint but I guess I am always ready to ride after a short break, LOL....

  • @Franko
    Absolutely you will get asked "What is that THING?".... Most people are super nice and even ask if they can try. The nice thing with the Pint is you can turn on Simple Stop so they do not DIE trying to dismount. I had a couple guys try out my Pint with just 3 mile on it at the gas station where I was charging it last night.

  • @Franko if you have time perhaps put a tracker chip inside it.

    Could come in handy if you suddenly see if moving off the map

  • Ok, I am starting to favor the Pint over the XR (Please do not bash me). The XR will alway be my distance Ride or Die but the Pint is so nimble and solid. I am still getting used to the Bam, Bam Pushback on the Pint (it will mellow once I get used to it). An easy 4 miles added over lunch... -❤️-


  • @Daymos i thought about it, but i don't think i'll have time before i leave next friday to order it, get it, and install it...

  • Hey all, so I installed my fender Friday night after watching the instructional video in the app and noticed a few things I thought might be useful to others, especially as they seem to apply specifically to the Pint.

    First, I guess I hadn’t looked close enough at the hardware on my board because I was assuming the screws required a regular Allen wrench. But in fact, it’s actually a special star shape. The manual calls it the “star key,” and does provide one for you within the fender installation kit. The instruction vid referred to it as an Allen wrench tho so I’m guessing this is different from the other models.

    The bummer here is that, while the star shape is cute, it isn’t the most practical. I noticed right away that the shape is extremely easy to accidentally strip (so don’t over tighten!). Luckily they do provide 4 extras in the kit, which actually leads me to my next discrepancy with the installation app video.

    The four screws provided were the same length as the originals I took off. Per the video I was expecting them to be longer. But the fender on the Pint actually replaces the part that was there before so I guess the screws don’t need to be any longer.

    Anyway just a heads up. I’m going to start putting my own maintenance kit together so these new pieces are def going in there.

  • Couple of Pint updates to share: Custom fender install and ran the battery down to 1% with some Captain Morgan low battery pushback (seems like the standard OW type pushback). I am still not a fan of @Future-Motion design on the speed pushback... I feel it is way to abrupt (might just be what I am used to on the XR).

  • @a_onekatie the "star key" is a Torx wrench or bit. I believe they use the T20 size on the Pint.

  • @ooww interesting, thanks for the info! I wonder why they went with it on the pint?

  • @a_onekatie said in Pints in the Wild... Post What Is Good / Not So Good. LET THE RIDE BEGIN!:

    @ooww interesting, thanks for the info! I wonder why they went with it on the pint?

    I've driven millions of screws in the last 30 years and I refuse to buy phillips, square drive or hex if I can help it, Think of torx as a hexagonal phillips; less chance of stripping because you have 6 points of contact with the drive bit instead of 4, or 2 points with a flat drive, If you stripped it, It's likely because you used the wrong sized bit, or really cheap chineese screws, or it may be cross threaded

  • @b0ardski Hmm weird. IDK then because all parts/tools I used where the ones provided by OW.

    The first screw I attempted to remove and started having difficulty with (back, right) I noticed looked like just a regular circle shape, so I assumed I had either stripped it by turning in the wrong direction at first or else just from regular wear & tear riding the board these past few weeks. However with the second screw (one I attached) I know I definitely over tightened. I don't think it's so bad that I won't be able to get it off again later, but these definitely felt more fragile than I am used to.

  • back roads date night, ,, or, potholes in the dark
    Minicarve is still naked but will get a similar outfit as Rollercarve if FM ever gets their schite together

  • @b0ardski
    That sounds fun..... except that pothole part. LOL. I plan to have a rail guard solution that is currently on V2 testing that I might bring to market, will see... More to come on this soon..

  • @sandsurfer hey guys just wanted to give an update on the sand surfing with the pint... I did go on the wet sand! It was Awesome right next to the waves 🤙🏽🤙🏽🤙🏽 However it’s the loose sand on the sidewalks to be careful of, way slippery with the pint wheel... but fun times on the beach 🏖

  • @sandsurfer awesome!!!! How wet was your wave side-bye? Did you experience any spray?

    I’ve ridden thru some puddles but I’m curious if/how the pint will hold up in light rain.

  • @sandsurfer thanks for the report, going to Oceanside in oct. for a week, planned to ship the pint down first so I can ride the beach but started to think the vega tire would be better in the sand.

  • Finally got pint after work today. Ordered 6/25 and the closest feeling I’ve had to waiting for Christmas in a long time. 2 miles in, and IT ROCKS. Grew up skating and surfing, and bit of snowboarding later. Def snowboard “fluffy” feel- like powder. Ridden a Plus and an XR a few times, and the Pint is just what I hoped for- BUTTERY CARVES. Amazingly more agile, seems as (or more) torquey than my friend’s XR. 6’2”, 180 lbs, shoe size 11.5. Seems like a great size IMO if you’re after medium speed carving and not high speed, longer adventures. Stoked. Float on.

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