Pints in the Wild... Post What Is Good / Not So Good. LET THE RIDE BEGIN!

  • @b0ardski Hmm weird. IDK then because all parts/tools I used where the ones provided by OW.

    The first screw I attempted to remove and started having difficulty with (back, right) I noticed looked like just a regular circle shape, so I assumed I had either stripped it by turning in the wrong direction at first or else just from regular wear & tear riding the board these past few weeks. However with the second screw (one I attached) I know I definitely over tightened. I don't think it's so bad that I won't be able to get it off again later, but these definitely felt more fragile than I am used to.

  • back roads date night, ,, or, potholes in the dark
    Minicarve is still naked but will get a similar outfit as Rollercarve if FM ever gets their schite together

  • @b0ardski
    That sounds fun..... except that pothole part. LOL. I plan to have a rail guard solution that is currently on V2 testing that I might bring to market, will see... More to come on this soon..

  • @sandsurfer hey guys just wanted to give an update on the sand surfing with the pint... I did go on the wet sand! It was Awesome right next to the waves 🤙🏽🤙🏽🤙🏽 However it’s the loose sand on the sidewalks to be careful of, way slippery with the pint wheel... but fun times on the beach 🏖

  • @sandsurfer awesome!!!! How wet was your wave side-bye? Did you experience any spray?

    I’ve ridden thru some puddles but I’m curious if/how the pint will hold up in light rain.

  • @sandsurfer thanks for the report, going to Oceanside in oct. for a week, planned to ship the pint down first so I can ride the beach but started to think the vega tire would be better in the sand.

  • Finally got pint after work today. Ordered 6/25 and the closest feeling I’ve had to waiting for Christmas in a long time. 2 miles in, and IT ROCKS. Grew up skating and surfing, and bit of snowboarding later. Def snowboard “fluffy” feel- like powder. Ridden a Plus and an XR a few times, and the Pint is just what I hoped for- BUTTERY CARVES. Amazingly more agile, seems as (or more) torquey than my friend’s XR. 6’2”, 180 lbs, shoe size 11.5. Seems like a great size IMO if you’re after medium speed carving and not high speed, longer adventures. Stoked. Float on.

  • First real day on pint, after a couple miles last night. Rode 9 miles this morning, down to 1% battery, for a total of 11 MILES! Really impressed, so carvey, so fun.

  • @McFloaty
    Awesome ride, Keep it going.... Also that is some great distance on one charge.

  • @a_onekatie I was riding on the shore, it may have gotten sprinkled but nothing crazy
    I did end up buying some of the dust off in a can to get out the sand left behind on my pint

  • @LidPhones Thanks! Got it last Friday night and can’t stop riding it. 91 miles of buttery carves. Happy floating!

  • 4 days in Pint update!
    -91 miles, mostly street and some flatter trails.
    -averaging about 10 miles a charge.
    -Bluetooth connectivity is pretty sketch in most areas, but seems to get better when I slow down.
    -not impressed with the clear rail guards they shipped, but will prob sell since I’ve trashed my rails already.
    -purchased all the fixings bundle cause I wanted the ultra charger, but realized the upgraded handle is worth having if you end up carrying it a lot- way more comfortable.
    -note regarding upgraded handle— it rattles when I land a curb jump poorly.
    -bought a rubber stopper at hardware store and cut it down to serve as a charge port cover- posted pix on a pint charge port cover DIY topic posted elsewhere on this forum.
    -felt pushback as low as 12-13 miles an hour, haven’t been able to go faster than 15.5 mph
    -biggest issue is I can’t stop riding it!

  • @McFloaty that's CRZY!!!! I'm like a month and a half in and just hit 80 miles this week!

  • @McFloaty I’m really interested in if my board can average 10 miles a charge, and what speed the pushback gets me at. It seems like you’ve almost gotten it to full speed.

  • @DashinglyHunter

    • my real world range is EASILY 10-12 miles
    • I've only ever felt pushback at over 14 MPH, and haven't heard of it happening any lower than that previously. I'd even venture to guess that the 12-13 McFloaty posted is not accurate due to the bluetooth issues.

  • @a_onekatie highly possible I’m underestimating the speed that pushback is kicking in at, cause I rarely look at phone while riding. Haven’t ever purposely tried to fig out top speed, not my thing, but app says top speed of board so far is 15.5. Do feel some pushback pretty regularly on smooth streets when carving at speed, but happy for the reminder to slow it down a touch.

  • @McFloaty no worries! I really think it’s just the Bluetooth. I’ve tried to pay close attention over the past week (yes occasionally carrying my phone in my hand) and noticed it really likes to cut out when you get up to speed, in my experience that’s often right around 12 mph. But any time I’ve felt push back and checked it’s either right at 14.1 or else my connection’s already been lost lol.

    I think 15.5 is legit the fastest speed I’ve seen reported on the Pint. Congrats!

  • @LidPhones where did you get this fender for the pint?

  • @a_onekatie said in Pints in the Wild... Post What Is Good / Not So Good. LET THE RIDE BEGIN!:

    I think 15.5 is legit the fastest speed I’ve seen reported on the Pint.

    my fastest speed so far (unintentionally!) has been 13.5, and i definitely started feeling pushback at 11-12mph in Redwood mode. it really freaked me out!

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