Anvil/alien fender

  • I was thinking about the products available for fenders, flight fins, fender bags, rigid fenders, simple fenders etc. Right now the options for a rigid fender are somewhat limited and basic, the flight fins full flight is a great set up but you cant put anything on the fender. So why is no one making an injection molded polyethylene (dirt bike plastics) fender with foot traps (flight fins) molded into it??? A simple one piece no fuss bolt on anvil shaped big tire, extended rail compatible, lightweight, durable, rigid, plastic fender? And for those of you thinking "your feet would slip" easy fix, as part of the fender/kit would be two patches of adhesive backed neoprene (like traction pad). Now yes I know it would require a complicated mold (I figured at least 5 pieces) so it wouldn't be cheap to make, but if you had a choice would it be worth the extra bucks? Would they sell enough to make money? Would anyone else be willing to pre order?

  • if it aint got extra batteries in it I don't want it... if it does have extra batteries in it I give you $500 bucks

  • plug and play on the fly

  • magnetic battery connections at the fender mounts would be awsome, swap the power fender for a light weight one any time. the fins could hold extra cells

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