Anti theft

  • So you have the board, and you have an app. So why not disable the board via a "lock" from the app users can enable where you have to be sync'd to use the board???

  • There is really no built in anti-theivery of any kind on these boards and at such hefty pricing, there really should be SOMETHING. Get on it FM!

  • Yeah, @Future-Motion doesn't seem to listen to app feature requests, unfortunately. This one has been asked since the V1 days along with customizable speed limit warnings and other features. I've given up asking. :'(

  • My biggest gripe about FM is their short sightedness, yes they have put together the best all inclusive package on the market but they aren't reacting to the wants, needs, demands of the market and in doing so its only a matter of time before someone else does and surpasses them in the marketplace by offering a few more options and ultimately a better product. Its obvious FM isn't run by experienced product developers and manufacturers its guys who wanted to build something cool the way they want it and are trying to figure out how to get rich doing so. But in the words of joe dirt "it's not about what you like, it's the consumer!" Eh, just hope my board lasts long enough to be worth the money.

  • I read about one person who wired a GPS tracker to the circuitboard so it could be found if stolen

  • I made a comment about this a while back on the product wish thread. I have since begin to change my mind. Considering how poorly the BlueTooth works on these boards, disabling the the board with the app might just leave you stranded a lot of the time. I think FM needs to upgrade their BT antenna first.

  • you can now get Tile trackers with replaceable batteries for $20 each, so i'm thinking of trying that out. it would be easy to stash one inside, i think...

  • @Franko as far as ive researched, tiles aren't a great way to track your OW. they fit Inside perfectly but they work with bluetooth, which if stolen, may or may not give you great tracking data. There are gps devices you can get but they are a bit more pricey, ($25-$150 and some with additional monthly charge). BUT, they have actual real time satellite tracking features. Which you can basically take to the police station and have them live track it to get to the thief.

  • @a_onekatie Amen! We need a security pin in the app. The OW should basically become inoperable if the pin is not inserted. Or if pairing is added, it can freeze if the paired device is not in range. THEY NEED TO ADD BLUETOOTH PAIRING! The app and software design has a bunch of flaws. @onewheel please address them!

  • @Ali_on_a_wheel yeah, i've since read a lot about using Tile, and they don't seem like a good solution. real-time satellite tracking is definitely preferable.

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