Accident wiith the OneWheel - Dislocated elbow...

  • Hi

    I am not here to scare you !
    I received my OW 2 months ago. I practiced for 3 weeks with no big problems. I had a lot of fun and I improved really quickly on the board. I did not spend a lot of time on the forum but I already saw a similar story to mine so I would ike to warn users and the manufacturer....

    I was in the street 1 month ago, going quite slowly and I wanted to cross the pavement. The curb was quite low (edge of the pavement). I accelerated a bit, not so much, in order to climb the obstacle. I crossed it without too much problems BUT once on the other side of the pavement, the board unexpectedly brutally stopped. I was "thrown" by the board, so I fell, and I tried to catch up on the ground with my right wrist. That was so brutal that it dislocated my right elbow... (I had protections but I did not break any bones, just moved my elbow)

    So the point of the story is :
    How come the board stops so brutally in this case ? Can we do something particular ? Is there any expected update at the moment ?

    I have seen other people having the same kind of troubles when the board is too inclined towards the front or the back...

    Enjoy your board guys but take care and do it safely !


  • My guess is that the bump caused your foot to lose contact with the sensor, resulting in shutdown.

  • That was my initial and current thoughts on it as well. Especially because it sounds like they were maybe going at lower speeds before accelerating to mount the curb.

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