Add slight tilt to platform while carving

  • @Brando

    Was probably skateboarding before you were born Cupcake. But, to each his own. My board rocks & rolls depending on the setting. We didn't have long boards back in the day, at least where I grew-up in Florida, so perhaps you're referring to that?

    Shoot me a vid if you have one, of the type of skateboard performance you're looking for that a OW doesn't have - you've got me interested.

  • @Kielanders I get ya. But this is a wishlist forum right? An area to share ideas some might be good some might be bad. Was just sharing something that I thought would improve it and maybe didn’t explain it very well.
    When you snowboard you don’t ride with the board completely flat on the snow and I understand the tire is the leverage for turning but also having the platform tilt slightly, nothing crazy, may actually improve carvability. That’s all I was getting at.

  • @Brando

    I'm with ya now. 'Snowboard' is where I missed you. Like I said, grew up in Florida, in the 70s . . . not a great place for snow sports.

  • @Kielanders probably not too much longer. Been skating for 40yrs.

  • @Brando

    Damn Dude! You're old like me!

    Let me guess, you're reading this with your reading glasses right now . . . just like me.

  • @Kielanders like I said I probably didn’t explain it very well and only my second post.
    Appreciate the discussion though!!
    Thanks!! Have a good one!

  • @Kielanders where’s the reading glasses emoji. LOL!!
    Now I’m afraid of your comments on my buyback program idea 😂

  • so now the software has to add in the variable of axle tilt as well???
    we actually carve firmware as much as carving a rubber tire
    not pickin on ya Brando, just looking at what it'll take

  • @Brando

    Well, about the buyback program - I think I'm too emotionally attached to my XR to ever sell it. So, whenever the +XR++ comes-out, we'll just be adding to the family.

    I've told my wife that when I die, I want a Viking Funeral with my OW in our bay - me and Boardy will be going down together on a flaming paddle board (god that sport looks boring af), while the otters gather-round and hold vigil cracking oysters on their bellys.

  • @Kielanders haha, nice! Actually adding the concaved footpads actually helped a lot. Just installed them. Yeah I’m still on V1, which is why I wished there was a buyback or upgrade program. I’m a skater at heart so when the boards done it’s done!!
    Have a good one dude!!

  • @b0ardski I understand. I come from skating and snowboarding, so thats the thought behind it. Just a little bit better lean at speed and I admit I’m also still figuring all this onewheel stuff out, but thought maybe just a slight lean of the board too might help at high speeds only. Not slower or trick type speeds. And I could be completely wrong.
    Have a good one!

  • @Brando I like to "lean at speed"too but a tire and axle aint a metal edge
    alt text

  • @b0ardski I know dude. Again it was a thought. I also realized there just isn’t the space for that to happen anyways. That pic ain’t 3’ of Utah fresh pow that’s why I thought of the lean of the platform to more emulate that.
    Hey at least we got a good discussion out of it and I agree now that’s not needed. Thanks!

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