Friend with a

  • So theres a few places out there where you can rent a one wheel, but there's also a growing site in Seattle called "friend with a" allowing you to "loan" out your stuff via 3rd party. So what does this mean? It means there's a forum where a purchaser can recoup the expense of investment while protected by a 3rd party transaction. This means your property is insured, the "borrower" assumes all liabilities (via an agreement) and you can list what you have, when you want, and set the asking price for doing so. The significance of this is, rather than some corporate outfit making profit on the market, the market can truly be publicly owned, and with this kind of a platform purchasing a onewheel suddenly becomes a much more justifiable investment for the enthusiast by turning an expense into an asset. And rather than FM selling their boards through a rental outfit that is shipping their boards all over the us, the onewheel community can come together and be more self supporting, self promoting, and owner incorporated. So check it out, keep an eye out, and show your support.

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