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  • Hey there! I have been considering buying a Pint and I know that the range is 6-8 Miles but I am 5'5 and 114 LBS so would that change the Range?

  • @Ethan_Sonberg You'll be on the high end of that range I think, especially in warmer weather!

  • @Ethan_Sonberg

    I'm not sure where you'll be riding, and I'm certainly no OW expert or have ridden a Pint, but your weight seems less than the average weight by which they calculate expected mileage. Depending on the temps you'll be riding in, I'd be surprised if you can't tweek extra miles & speed on a warm day riding pavement.

  • @OneDan and @Kielanders, I ride in Florida, would the temperature and how flat the land is have any effect on range or speed?

  • Temperature makes a big difference. On my +, I can get "maybe" 5 miles when the temp is below 60, but at 80 and over I can get over 7 miles sometimes.

    It's pretty flat here in Sacramento, so someone else can tell you how much more you can get vs somewhere with a lot of hills.

  • @Ethan_Sonberg

    I grew-up in Orlando, flat and warm are the words to describe Florida. To answer your question: Yes, a warm climate and flat terrain should increase your mileage significantly. Just how much, I can't say. When riding below 50 degrees where I am, with hilly terrain, I lose probably lose 30% to 40% of my range.

  • I'm hoping that two-x comes out with an extended battery kit for the pint.

  • I am am looking forward to the next onewheels to come as well. I just don't know what the names would me! 😂

  • @Senior-Coffee I thought they were setting up firewalls to not allow for 3rd party battery mods?

  • @Ethan_Sonberg A new review on YouTube is up, the guy mentioned that hes 160 lbs and he got 11 miles in with 25%battery remaining. So if I'm 130lbs I'm pretty sure I'll be hitting 12 miles easily.

  • it's by @Nathan Nadeau

  • @TyDie said in Onewheel Pint | Range:

    @Senior-Coffee I thought they were setting up firewalls to not allow for 3rd party battery mods?

    I don't know how they can stop it. Unless they build some kind of a booby trap where once the board is opened up it causes the circuitry to sort of self-destruct.

  • @Senior-Coffee this can be done MANY ways. Custom screws are Apple's favorite approach. Or just use the fact that these are internet connected devices to notify the mothership that you've been poking around where you're not allowed. Hopefully FM doesn't go this way, but if they are successful enough I'm sure their peers in Silicon Valley will mercilessly deride them for not locking down their hardware.

  • I understand about the screws and even if they were removed, FM would never know about that unless the board was sent back for warranty work, services, etc. The boards are connected thru bluetooth/phone to the OW app and the app is connected to the internet if desired. No app, no direct board connection. Which I very much like. Once the shaping is set you can put the phone away until it's needed. I do that now only stopping to see what my battery capacity is every once in a while. I've been into EV's for a number of years and the only data I'm really concerned with is how much battery capacity I have. All I need is a voltage number to determine my range which is a real number and not the approximation made by the app and board electronics used to produce a range number.

    I think a very good idea for FM would be to install a small screen and computer interface setup placed somewhere on the board. This could take care of all programming duties. FM has already started with providing visual indicators to reduce cell phone usage. The new pint has an led strip which produces a lot of information. I envision just a couple more upgrades from now a phone/bluetooth/app won't be needed. In fact I'm going to make the statement now that it will happen with the next 2 years. I haven't even received my pint yet and I'm already looking forward to what the next revision/board will be.

    I own a V1 along with the soon to be shipped pint. The V1 is my tank. I'll soon be doing a two-x upgrade along with a fender. Only other thing I'm going to do is put a lot of miles on it. My goal is to be at the top of the Onewheel leader board. I love these boards.

  • Update, I canceled my pint order because I determined that the range is not going to be enough. I have a two-x kit on the way for my V1 and I also ordered an XR. In the last 3 weeks of riding my V1 I have come to the conclusion that 8 miles is just not enough range.

  • @Senior-Coffee Agree, I have a + and an XR . . . my + doesn't get much attention anymore because by the time I get into the ride, I have to head back!

  • @Senior-Coffee i've been seeing reports of 11 miles or so on the Pint, but it's true that there's a lot of factors that go into that range. once battery extenders come out, they will definitely compete.

  • @Franko
    What range have you gotten on your Pint? Hope you are enjoying it.

  • @LidPhones
    i've only managed 8 miles total so far -- this month has been stupidly busy for me, and i can't find time to ride! i'm hoping in 2 weeks my schedule will free up so i have some time on the weekend to really ride a full charge down and see what i get.

  • @Franko
    Appreciate any info you can share once you are able to ride from 100% down to low battery push back/Up (Captain Morgan). Also if you can share your terrain ridden along with tire pressure and your weight (if you are ok with that).

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