My first real ride

  • Hey all -- so, some of you know, I just got my Pint this past Monday, and up until today I would say I'd spent about 30 minutes on it, mostly just getting used to balancing in my front yard and riding (slowly) back and forth across a concrete pad in my back yard (a distance of about 10 feet or so). My front yard is super lumpy from tree roots, so I quickly became frustrated with that, which is why I ended up moving to the concrete pad. Anyway, not a lot of riding before today.

    This afternoon, I suited up in all the padding I have (helmet, wrist guards, elbow and knee) and walked 4 blocks or so to a nearby park to see if that would be a better, bigger place to learn how to get going at a bit of speed while simultaneously being safer than just taking to the street.

    Let me just say: I AM IN LOVE. i had NO trouble getting up and going, and i ended up riding back and forth, up and down this big rectangular grassy area for about 45 minutes at a decent speed -- apparently 10.3mph, according to my app. After that, I felt so good and confident that I took it to the street and rode the 4 blocks home, going in both the street and up ramps onto sidewalks, and then when I got home, I went around the block twice, just because, haha. I ended up using about 60% of my battery in the process. Can't wait until tomorrow evening!

  • @Franko Yay . . . that sounds like my first day almost 2 years ago! Well, except I skipped the first 30 minutes and just took off for the park.

  • @Franko thats so Awesome! Thanks for sharing... man I can’t wait 😳😬😍 Aug 8th is just around the corner... so glad I didn’t cancel 🤙🏽

  • welcome to the float life!!!! and your new obsession
    I'm only 3 weeks and 154miles in, the only day I've missed wheeling was because of dental surgery.

  • thanks everyone! i'm suddenly seeing the world in a whole new way, and starting to plan where i can attempt to ride to next. i'm also trying to caution myself not to get too cocky about my abilities, and i'm thinking maybe i should go back to the park and practice more. there's a slight hill this park, and the only time i fell was trying to go up it -- i think maybe it's too steep -- but learning to go up slopes is definitely something i need to practice.

  • @Franko If you like bombing up hills, you are going to need an XR my friend. I think I want (need) a pint just for portability, but I can't imagine it performs at the limit.

    I love the cautious stories, I had the same intentions. But once on it I just wanted to push the limit, and have just barely been able to contain myself. With a surfing/skateboarding background it was so natural. Within a day of getting my XR I almost ate it going 15 downhill hitting a hidden bump (helmet on). Luckily the only spills have been going slow goofing off. Falling from sitting on the fender on a dirt track was memorable.

    The absolute addiction moment was bombing up and down dirt hills that I thought were impossible. Seriously, the XR is mindblowing...

    I'll probably break down and order myself a Pint for Christmas. I'll just place the order in September... ;)

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