Onewheel moving without anyone/anything on the sensor

  • So I move my foot off the sensor like normal and expect the Onewheel to turn its self balancing off. This time however, it didn't! The Onewheel literally shot across a parking lot BY ITSELF with me standing there with no idea what to do. Luckily it ramped off a curb and landed on its side and stopped. No harm done.

    After some careful experimentation, I realized that the power button got stuck pushed in. Some small gravel must have gotten in there and caused it to get stuck. I was able to reproduce the problem by getting the button stuck a second time.

    This could have been really dangerous if people were around. Perhaps I found a bug in the software? I can't imagine this would be the intended behavior. Has anyone else experienced this?

  • For a second I thought you were describing Onewheel ghost ridin'

  • This happened to me about 2 weeks ago. It literally just took off and was going top speed into the curb. Fricking liability. It could of seriously hurt someone or cause signafigant damage if it hit a car or what not.

    I had been dogging it out the day before in the and rain and had had sensor issues blinking 15 times before this.

    What I did is took the unscrewed the foot sensors and blew out anything I could see with compressed air and literally let it sit without the foot pads on for 4 days. I got back on it after the 4 days in hopes it worked before sending it back and it has. Been trail riding like a beast every since.

    I though it may have gotten wet or mud or dirt in important parts but I'm not sure anymore. Software gremlin I guess.

  • Update: I cleaned the power button area and will now be careful that when I turn the Onewheel on it doesn't stick. Went for a short ride and everything went smoothly. I'm pretty sure the stuck button was the cause of the problem. I read some other threads about runaway boards, but I'm not sure if the issue was identified as something else or not.

  • @megabuen0 I was gonna say the same thing but you beat me to it :p

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