Newbie question about the OW battery

  • In the manual that comes with the Pint, it has a tip that says, "Periodically leave the charger attached to your Pint overnight to allow the battery pack to thoroughly balance."

    i recall reading something (here, or on reddit, or both?) about how the OW battery needs to be left on the charger for much longer than that, though -- 72 hours, or something -- but i couldn't find where i read that. it definitely sounds like a known issue, though. can anyone explain what the issue is, how long is optimal, and does anyone have any insight into how long "periodically" is? once a week? once a month? more? thank you...!

  • I've had my + for almost 2 years and my XR coming up on a year. When I'm not riding them, they are on the charger and I've had ZERO battery issues. Assuming the Pint battery is similar to the XR, I'd think you can do the same.

    Basically, I unplug and ride, then replug when I'm done!

  • @OneDan

    Thanks for your post.

    My XR's 2 months old and that's exactly what I've been doing the whole time - was reading some battery threads and wondering if I was doing it wrong.

  • I second the keeping it plugged in for long periods. The bms will help to balance the cells and also prevent the cells from getting overcharged. Every couple charges I leave mine plugged in for at least 24 hours.

  • These XR and Pint batteries are a litium NMC type cells. The charger won't overcharge and long balancing charges are required to balance the cells. I.e. balance them all to the same voltage. 72 hrs would only be required if one or more cells are badly out of balance.

    I do an overnight once every 3 months and also have ZERO battery issues. Battery testing results also show that you can significantly extend the life of the battery for a battery which already has a pretty good lifespan, by not fully cycling the cells, which means don't let it go fully flat and don't fully charge them. This works for me because i have a regular commute and don't need a full charge each day.

  • @stinkyface thank you -- this is the info i think i needed to read. the posts i read must've been about batteries that were really out of balance, so unless i notice something significantly wrong, topping it off every night and letting it sit overnight is probably just fine. (follow-up question: does anyone know of a way to check the charge on each battery? to see if they are unbalanced somehow?)

  • @Franko

    There's an app called POWheel that will give you detailed battery data.

  • @Kielanders really? AWESOME. thank you so much. [EDIT]: alas, Android only, apparently. anyone know of one for iOS?

  • @Franko

    Dude, sorry, didn't know. Our whole family is IOs (which now sucks as bad as Windows).

    On the flip side, I haven't carried a phone since I left corporate 17 years ago. I bought a $10 LG refurbished Android from Amazon when I bought the OW, just for the OW.

    It was for sale by TracPhone, I never activated a plan - the firmware updated automatically, and updated my OW when it connected to my home wireless.

    Other than that, I don't connect real time while riding, too many potholes, but it runs the OWPow as well as THEE OFFICIAL OW APP (that used to give battery info).

  • @Franko none that I know of.

    The normal OW app used to have individual cell voltages visible... but the OW+ had 16 cell and the XR has 15 cells. So FM got a million help ticket and phone calls for "dead cells on the new XR's" because that 16th cell showed up as .04V.

    For a long time I held onto my old version of the app but had to give it up to get custom shaping...

  • @skyman88 said in Newbie question about the OW battery:

    none that I know of.

    hmm, dang. well, hopefully someone is working on one, somewhere, or OW will do it themselves. they must realize there's a desire for it.

  • @Franko Or buy a used dirt cheap android phone and run POWheel on it

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