• @Franko said in Insurance?:

    i was wondering if you could switch between carving modes on your phone and cause an unprepared thief to fall -- suddenly going from Redwood to one of the more loose and responsive modes on the Pint might do it.

    Pretty sure you can't change riding modes unless the board is stopped . . . bummer!

  • @OneDan
    i guess that would make sense from a safety standpoint. oh well! the things i think of as i'm drifting off to sleep at night, lol

  • @Franko I just use the "no one I don't know rides my board" method. Along with bringing it inside anywhere I go.

  • @OneDan said in Insurance?:

    I just use the "no one I don't know rides my board" method.

    yeah, but i don't want to come off as a jerk, though. i want people to try it and feel as excited about it as i am now. there must be a balance (haha)

  • @Franko I used to think that way until the stories of people riding away on boards. That, and the chance of more scratches. Just make sure you're ready to run after them if they take off! LOL

  • @OneDan

    . . . with you brutha.

    I live in a very small (summer tourist) town in The Last Frontier - and I've been getting people yelling 'Hey, Let Me Try!'.

    I just figure, anyone that knew me would yell by name (even with a full helmet, we all know eachother).

    That said, I would love to be that guy, trusting everyone . . . but in a large community, or small summer tourist town, you're just asking for heartbreak.

  • @Franko

    Mentioned earlier to @OneDan , I won't let tourists try, I just blow-by like my helmet kept me from hearing them. But, I went to our town doctor (young guy, lives 4 doors down) a couple of days ago for an appointment. He expressed an interest in getting OWs for he and his son. We'll be meeting on the high school football field soon for a test ride.

    Be smart, but don't set yourselves up with complete strangers (unless you can afford it).

  • @a1katie since I only thought of it as a solution for you I think youd be original. Just take your rear plate off, take it and a tile to a cabinet shop and tell them I want this to fit flush underneath. They will get it and again shouldn't take but a few min for anyone who knows how to use a router table. Be nice if FM already thought of it and made em that way but . . . Just remember where the "tile tail" came from.

  • @phukendrew ah gotcha. Well cool, thanks for the idea! I can skip the cabinet shop and get my husband to do the router work 😎

  • @a1katie I'd be careful, maybe sticking it inside somewhere would be a better idea so as not to void the warranty.

  • @phukendrew I borrowed an XR the other day from a stranger on FB, he said as long as I leave my keys and ID I could borrow it. Worked out great!

  • @TyDie Who's keys and ID did you give him?

    Ahhh, just kidding... Are you getting one?

  • @TyDie there's a sight called "friend with a" you can actually sign up an list your board and (rent) "loan" out your stuff. The significance of this is that as owners we can turn our investment into a lucrative asset to recoup the cost. More importantly by going through a 3rd party we are provided insurance for our property and the "borrower" assumes all liabilities so we can't be sued if they get hurt or damage any property. Lastly this turns the "rental" industry into a truly owner operated community instead of allowing a corporate faculty to profit from making the recreation affordable for those interested in trying.

  • @TyDie so now he's made a copy of your keys and your id???? Yeah, what could go wrong with that?

  • @DreamTour yeah I'm still waiting for my pint lol

  • @phukendrew well I know exactly where he lives sooo.... I was inside his house and met his wife lol they were very cool people that are very active in the local one wheeler group on fb.

  • @TyDie right on, just be careful. Obviously I wouldn't want anyone to put themselves in jeopardy to try out a board is all.

  • @ZeroVoice said in Insurance?:

    @a1katie I know State Farm does what is called a "Personal Article Policy" which you can add random stuff like cameras and computers to. You could check with them or see if other companies have something similar.

    This. I have several drones that are covered by State Farm this way. I can literally lose it, crash it, have it stolen, or have it just stop working and State Farm will cut me a check for a new one. I’m in savannah ga and expect to add my new XR to the plan.

  • @a_onekatie so I'm not an original at all, stumbled upon a thread from 2017 (pre+ I think) where a cat posted a pic of a "tile slim" (aka poor mans lo-jack) routered into the bottom of his tail plate. The thread was "cool mods and must haves" sorry I'm not savvy enough on here to just cut n paste the pic.

  • @phukendrew oh ty! I’ll see if I can find that one too!

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