• @a1katie I'd be careful, maybe sticking it inside somewhere would be a better idea so as not to void the warranty.

  • @phukendrew I borrowed an XR the other day from a stranger on FB, he said as long as I leave my keys and ID I could borrow it. Worked out great!

  • @TyDie Who's keys and ID did you give him?

    Ahhh, just kidding... Are you getting one?

  • @TyDie there's a sight called "friend with a" you can actually sign up an list your board and (rent) "loan" out your stuff. The significance of this is that as owners we can turn our investment into a lucrative asset to recoup the cost. More importantly by going through a 3rd party we are provided insurance for our property and the "borrower" assumes all liabilities so we can't be sued if they get hurt or damage any property. Lastly this turns the "rental" industry into a truly owner operated community instead of allowing a corporate faculty to profit from making the recreation affordable for those interested in trying.

  • @TyDie so now he's made a copy of your keys and your id???? Yeah, what could go wrong with that?

  • @DreamTour yeah I'm still waiting for my pint lol

  • @phukendrew well I know exactly where he lives sooo.... I was inside his house and met his wife lol they were very cool people that are very active in the local one wheeler group on fb.

  • @TyDie right on, just be careful. Obviously I wouldn't want anyone to put themselves in jeopardy to try out a board is all.

  • @ZeroVoice said in Insurance?:

    @a1katie I know State Farm does what is called a "Personal Article Policy" which you can add random stuff like cameras and computers to. You could check with them or see if other companies have something similar.

    This. I have several drones that are covered by State Farm this way. I can literally lose it, crash it, have it stolen, or have it just stop working and State Farm will cut me a check for a new one. I’m in savannah ga and expect to add my new XR to the plan.

  • @a_onekatie so I'm not an original at all, stumbled upon a thread from 2017 (pre+ I think) where a cat posted a pic of a "tile slim" (aka poor mans lo-jack) routered into the bottom of his tail plate. The thread was "cool mods and must haves" sorry I'm not savvy enough on here to just cut n paste the pic.

  • @phukendrew oh ty! I’ll see if I can find that one too!

  • You know other than the idea of embedding a tile in the board which I'd be doing myself, I wonder if a boot can work. Something like this. Maybe someone who's got a Pint already would have a better idea of whether a boot can be attached to its wheel.

    Regarding the "Find my Board" functionality that was brought up earlier by someone in this thread, that would require a constantly on cellular connection and a GPS module on the board which doesn't seem would be a very successful approach for a onewheel.

    The idea of having a lock functionality on the app sounds like something FM can do.

  • @sinah said in Insurance?:

    Something like this.

    I like your thinking, but a motivated thief could just drop the wheel and be through that with an angle grinder in a minute.

    I suggested a 'Find My Onewheel' upgrade to the app, and I think others have as well.

    My thoughts were that if the thief (or the person the thief sells the board to) actually starts riding the board on a regular basis, then they're probably riding for an hour or two multiple times a week in the same area.

    It wouldn't take too much effort to then stakeout and/or identify who's on the board and where they live, and then alert authorities.

    I also like the idea of being able to brick the board with a security code. But if someone steals it, they might just throw it out when they can't use it - or, ironically, send it to Future Motion for board repairs.

    There's also the headache for Future Motion if people start forgetting their codes, asking for resets, etc. That's why I like the 'Find My OW' the best.

  • @Kielanders yeah ultimately I think any method is going to be a deterrent at best. A motivated/skilled enough thief can always work around any measures you put in place.

    I think having defensive mechanisms in the app can also be a great idea. I've never had a OW before so I don't know... Can you not used the board without connecting it to the app?

    In the absence of all that (as it would require changes by FM) I still think a boot can be a worthy solution to think about. For me, I am currently worried about leaving my OW at my desk at work when I go to meetings and such. Someone can just pick it up and leave without being noticed, but fighting with the boot would perhaps draw enough attention that they'd stay away from it. Further I'm thinking I'd probably chain the boot to the desk itself so people can't just pick it up and worry about the boot later. Not a perfect solution but I think it'll work for my situation (assuming I can find a boot that fits)

  • @sinah said in Insurance?:

    Can you not used the board without connecting it to the app?

    Yes, you can, but you can't change riding modes.

    I get where you're coming from with the boot now - sucks to work in a office where that could be a problem. Anything would be good just to make things more difficult for a thief is better than nothing.

  • A cheap (thin) cord bike lock, between the rails and the wheel, and around/through something else (desk cord hole), would prevent anyone from sneaking off with it quickly.
    Even better, a u-bolt lock doubles for self defense if someone tries to strong arm you. Not sure if it fits in that space though.

  • @DreamTour yeah I don’t think a u-lock would fit the pint, the wheel opening is really tight. Maybe a cable lock tho, if the hardware at the insertion end is thin enough...

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