XR charger issues?

  • Anyone else get a bum charger with their new board? My home charger was broken right out of the box. I plugged it into the wall and it made a faint pop and the led didn't even light up. I was scared to even plug it into the board after that, checked the output with a meter and got nothing. It was Sunday so there was no help to be found. Monday I called FM and had to send them a video of my chager not working before they would ship a new one, and still haven't got an ETA. Right after that call I found an XR car charger at a retail store 40 miles away and charged my board enough on the way home to take it for an awesome first ride. I put it back on the car charger for a while and went back out again. At this point I'm hooked on the OW, but now the car charger won't work either. No led light, no output voltage at all and the fuse is not blown. At $100+ each this really sucks!
    Are these chargers all really that flaky or is this just a sign that I should not be riding this awesome death machine?

  • @rattletrap Could be issues with the outlet voltage... I've heard of issues with bad electrical outlets.

  • Check the socket side cable. The plug can be tight to get into the charger box. A partially inserted plug would make an arc sound.

    Its a pretty generic and low quality cable. Similar to a desktop computer. Try swapping out that plug in AC cable.

  • I tested the ac side cable on the house charger and it was good. Something cooked inside that one when I first plugged it in. That one is already on the way back to FM.
    I just tried the car charger again and it is definitely broken too. The retail shop I got it from is trying to find another one for me so I don't have to wait on FM.

  • @rattletrap sorry to hear you charger died on day 1.

    There is an arc that happens when you plug in the charger... that's normal but not the cooking the inside of the box part.

    Because I'm a little nuts, I always have the plug in the board before plugging into the wall. That way the arc happens at the wall rather than on the XLR plug on the board. Others like me, who are crazy, use a surge protector and just use the power button on that to control the arc...

    I have heard of a few other charger issue but they seem to be very few and far between.

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