How weatherproof is a stock XR ?

  • Ok, I see a lot of people taking extra precautions and waterproofing their XR but I don't feel like taking may board apart when I don't need to.
    Just how weather-proof is the XR out-of-the-box ?
    Anybody ride wet streets without extra weatherproofing ?

  • @robbret I personally don’t recommend disassembling board until it is time for a tire change or upgrade. I rode all winter in snow and have been caught in three downpours. I recommend allowing the board to dry for a minimum of 12 hours before placing on charger. Also FMs fender has a slight design flaw. The water ends up on the footpads and will cause the grip tape to blister/bubble and eventually peel and the wood to swell and delaminate. Floatlife fenders have addressed this issue.

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