Heat problems with Flightshield Pro?

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    Took the XR out on a Hot day. Stopped by coffee shop and sat outside with friends for about 45min. When I started riding again I immediately noticed fender rubbing against tire. When I pulled it off, I noticed it was warped. The combination of heat & sun must've been enough to soften the plastic. When I got home I laid it flat out in the sun with a weight on it to flatten it back out. But the plastic must've been weakened, as now it won't hold its shape and begins rubbing against the tire after 15-20 min. Has anyone else experienced this? Found a solution?

  • @M_Jorge

    I haven't had any problems with my FS Pro - but I live in a cold climate.

    What area do you live-in, and what were the temps?

    I'd get in touch with one of the folks at Flight Fins to let them know.

    I'm sure they'd appreciate the feedback, and be really surprised if they didn't help you out.

    Orie's the guy that assisted me when I needed product support, he was very responsive.

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