Keeping OWs Legal & AARP (this includes you young folks!)

  • Just a thought folks, but with the bad rap e-ridables are getting, and with the threat of blanket bans looming in many regions/countries, a powerful lobbying arm is going to be necessary to keep these things legal, and/or getting bans reversed in the United States.

    That being said, I don't see the PEV community as being large or cohesive enough to form their own powerful effective interest group.

    For you older folks like me (and even the younger ones), bringing OWs and other PEVs to the attention of AARP may be a way to recruit an instant, very experienced, and very powerful local/state/federal government advocate to keeping these things legal and on the road.

    The demographic group using these very expensive toys/commuter-vehicles is decidedly older than average for sporting goods.

    Even you young people <50 can join AARP as 'Associate Members' for $12 dollars a year. AARP is powerful enough to bully government bullies - so if we all can get on their radar, it will be money well spent to preserve our ability to ride.

    By joining and bringing these issues to AARP's attention, it may be the single best effective strategy to fighting-back against the tide of over-regulation and banning.

  • @Kielanders This is a great idea, I’m on holiday at the moment but will look into this on my return.

  • @Kielanders i like this idea, too. even though at 52 i'm definitely old enough to be on the AARP's radar, somehow i've slipped by them. they regularly badger my friends, and some have joined, but so far they don't seem to know i exist. it's weird.

  • GREAT idea! I joined age 50 for the free Dunkin donut but that is no longer a thing - this may be a reason to remain a member lol. I was hoping that the older demographic means that we are safe from being banned to begin with. I have had nothing but friendly smiles and comments when out floating but I am 56 years old - I doubt 16 year old me would have been shown such understanding...

  • Hey All,

    I just joined yesterday at 54.

    It's $16 bucks a year, and you get to include your spouse.

    So it's basically $8 bucks a year per person.

    There're supposed to be a whole slew of travel discounts and benefits, but more than any of that:


    My 80 year old father-in-law is visiting us in a month, and the FIRST! thing he wants to do is get on my board.

    I don't know if AARP has even taken a peek at the Sideways Movement - but I can totally see one of our own with his OneWheel on the cover of their magazine.

    We need a friend with muscles so we don't get pushed around any longer like other regions.

    And, we also need to spread the stoke - as we've learned, this isn't a child's toy, it's a life changing tool that promotes good mental and physical health for all ages.

  • @Mark-Vlogs

    Cool!, hopefully the UK has their own version of the organization, or an affiliate.

    It'd be great if in addition to getting 1000s of us old farts' voices heard, we can also bring in the tens of thousands of OW under 50s - and it'd be nice to see some of those bans lifted in the EU.

  • @Kielanders We don’t have anything like this in the UK , however I’ve just noticed on our website a petition has been setup to at least get this looked at in parliament. For UK riders, this is the link

  • I am also a member of AARP (Great idea). Do you plan on organizing something as a OW collective within the organization?

  • @Franko
    Shoot they found this year at 48. AARP must have their eye on my LOL. I like this plan for sure. Power in Money and Numbers right?

  • @LidPhones
    i don't know why i am apparently incapable of being on the AARP radar at 52, but here i am. (GASP - maybe they don't want me!!)

  • @Franko
    They will find you soon enough. I can sense the USPS team filtering all that AARP media now.......

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