Bluetooth connection got worse

  • @stinkyface ahh, got it now thanks!

    Guess I wrote this elsewhere, but I can def confirm that my Pint is having connection issues. My hope is that there must be an update in the pipeline, since custom shaping is not currently an option for Pint users.

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  • My Pint is having Bluetooth connection issues as well. Mine is an early s/n sage (170wh). Wondering if any of the more recent ones built are also having the issue. Hopefully this can be fixed via update unlike the XR’s

  • having this issue with my original sage pint also, no such issue with the 2 month old XR same place and conditions. more than 3ft away and pint won't stay connected.

  • @b0ardski
    That’s what I was afraid of. Thinking it might be time to call FM

  • I an using an android phone and my XR has the newer 4209 hardware. It connects pretty well most of the time.
    But every so often, Maybe 1 in 40 or so, it acts like the board is off. Shutting down the app, including clearing all screens, and restarting won't help. The only way to get it to connect when this happens it to restart the phone. Then all is well again.
    This suggests to me a slightly buggy app that isn't clearing the memory as it should.

  • @KWasch I am same, same as you.

    I’ve found that the only somewhat reliable way to keep a connection and get accurate speed read outs etc is if I literally hold my phone in my hand with the app open while I ride. Obviously this isn’t ideal. But it does make me think an apple watch should work. I know others have stated the apple watch didn’t connect so well on the other models but I am wondering if anyone has tried one with a Pint specifically?

  • @a_onekatie it’s really disappointing if the Pint has the same Bluetooth issues as the previous version of the XR, the reason it was delayed is because they wanted everything to be right on it before it was dispatched.

  • @a_onekatie
    I use an Apple Watch with my pint. Gets disconnected since it runs off the iPhone app. As soon as the phone disconnects so does the watch. I basically have to keep pulling it out of my pocket to get it to reconnect. FM needs to fix this ASAP

  • @a_onekatie said in Bluetooth connection got worse:

    I know others have stated the apple watch didn’t connect so well on the other models but I am wondering if anyone has tried one with a Pint specifically?

    The watch doesn't connect to the board, it connects to your phone that is connected to the board. It's the same with Android. What I did before sending my XR in for the replacement hardware was that I would put my phone in the lower pocket of my cargo shorts where it was about 2 feet from the board. I would then run the OW app on my Wear OS watch, connected to the phone, and that would work 90% of the time.

    This is not good if the Pint has a similar issue to what the XR had when it came out and it took them a LONG time to admit it was an issue and then fix it. I waited until that happened and was able to get mine fixed under warranty, including shipping both ways.

    I think everyone with a Pint that doesn't hold the bluetooth connection needs to notify @Future-Motion right away. This is a major feature of the board and no one should have to deal with a broken feature. Also, after 1 year is up, this won't be covered by the warranty.

    Edit: As @KWasch stated, FM needs to be made aware of this and fix it ASAP.

  • @OneDan this doesn't sound good as I had loads of disconnects today. I'm in the UK so it'll be great fun getting it resolved I suspect!

  • @tzracer22 Have you made FM aware of the issue, if not you should do immediately. This needs to be resolved asap. Good luck if you have to send your board back.

  • @Mark-Vlogs just emailed fm as it wouldn't reconnect at all earlier until the board had been off for 5 mins

  • @tzracer22 Although this is unfortunate, you’ve done the right thing bringing it to FM attention. Hope you can get it resolved, keep us updated.

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