Bluetooth connection got worse

  • @OneDan this doesn't sound good as I had loads of disconnects today. I'm in the UK so it'll be great fun getting it resolved I suspect!

  • @tzracer22 Have you made FM aware of the issue, if not you should do immediately. This needs to be resolved asap. Good luck if you have to send your board back.

  • @Mark-Vlogs just emailed fm as it wouldn't reconnect at all earlier until the board had been off for 5 mins

  • @tzracer22 Although this is unfortunate, you’ve done the right thing bringing it to FM attention. Hope you can get it resolved, keep us updated.

  • OP Update:
    I sent my XR to FM to evaluate the bluetooth issue, and it was repaired under warranty; controller circuit board replaced, and hardware version is now 4209. I did a quick test indoors, and it appears to be maintaining a bluetooth connection at least 10-15 feet away while riding. (One mile of loops in the basement with my iPhone 6s NOT in my pocket, and it never disconnected.)

    From PA to CA and back was less than 3 weeks.

    No other noticeable difference with the newer HW rev, but I haven't been outside with it yet where I can get above 8 mph. The only thing I'm hoping for is more obvious push-back, like the PINT apparently has, but probably not the case. One can dream though!

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