EAT IT! . . . warning signs?

  • XR, 2.5 months, need some advice from you seasoned young guns . . . or old farts like me.

    Wear a full mountain bike helmet, motorcycle elbow/forearm knee/shin guards, wrist guards - last major wreck was at 55 miles on grass. A month off, a chiropractor visit, I was good . . . but it hurt, bad, and I was a little scared getting back-on.

    I'm now closing-in on 400 miles, about 8/12 miles a day (weather permitting), about 80/20 street/dirt.

    I'm not feeling over confident, but my speed has slowly crept-up to 16/17 mph . . . not trying for speed, just feeling in the groove.

    I'm just starting to hop-up curbs (hop-offs are a no brainer), can slalom/carve well, still need to do trail work, I'm very happy with my recoveries so far (either a buried nose with fangs or buried ass for emergency slow-down/bailout), etc.

    Loose pebbly gravel/sand is still my bane, didn't make the transition well off of a foot bridge at 200 miles, got 3 steps for the run-out off of 13 mph, and buried my left knee - thankfully with the knee/shin guard, all I felt was 'squish'.

    I haven't taken a debilitating hard hit in over 300 miles - not bragging, just surprised.

    What's the next threshold mileage or warning benchmark to be wary of, or skill to be working on?


  • @Kielanders teach yourself to ride switch...

  • What's the next threshold mileage or warning benchmark to be wary of, or skill to be working on?

    over confidence or nonchalance will hurt you!!!
    my switch skill on snowboard is solid (100s of hours), on onewheel not so much; I'm more comfortable practicing switch by actually switching feet rather than going in reverse, to keep the fangs up front where they won't dump me on a tail drag.
    As far as mileage thresholds, they're like pint shipping dates ie arbitrary numbers pulled out of your ass; there'll always be that one session were everything clicks and makes it all worthwhile, often accompanied by spontaneous laughter.

  • @Kielanders said in EAT IT! . . . warning signs?:

    What's the next threshold mileage or warning benchmark to be wary of

    I have a very similar experience with my + where I took my first injury nose dive at 90 miles. A LOT of pretty bad scrapes, even tho I was barely moving at the time (over accelerated from a slow roll). Same as you, very leery to get back on.

    So my next nose dive was when I was thinking 18/19 mph was a good top speed. At the time, I didn't have a watch connected to my phone, so all I had to go by was my top speed at the end of the ride. So, coming home from a ride to some trails, about 1/2 mile from home, and I got the top speed warning from my phone. Realizing I hadn't reset it and the prior top speed was 19 mph, I panicked knowing I was probably at 20+. As I tried to initiate slow down, I must have pushed the board that tiny bit over stable and before I knew it, I was sliding down the road at 21 mph!!! I was fully padded, but the left pads slid up and my knees, elbows, and most of my knuckles were deeply scraped. Also snapped the wrist guard on my left hand, saving my wrist. This happened around the 600 mile mark. Even had to ride home all bloody and beaten, but no bones broken. Watch that top speed and, depending on your weight, it could be more or less than the 19 mph that the board is advertised as. FYI, at the time, I was about 190 lbs. My top speed is now 15 and I can check on my watch any time. Occasionally I catch myself at 16, but my body pretty much won't let me exceed that.

  • @OneDan said in EAT IT! . . . warning signs?:

    Even had to ride home all bloody and beaten, but no bones broken.

    FM's really missing an opportunity to get into the Long Term Care & Life Insurance business - a whole world of revenue streams just waiting for them.

    They could even build a rehab center in Santa Cruz or San Jose, with specialty doctors for geriatric OW injuries . . . cha ching!

    I wonder if Kyle had any idea what a hit his invention would be with the elderly?

    My wife has even BANNED! me from riding down around the cruise ship dock . . . she says I look so cute and such a wreck at the same time (like a stray puppy), there's bound to be some rich elderly lady that insists on 'rescuing' me and taking me home.

    She said she's thinking about getting me chipped in case I go missing.


  • hehehehe,, my wife laughed, MWL

  • Becki signed up on my fav snowboard site just to give me sht; it's only a matter of time

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