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  • @b0ardski said in Pre Orders | The End Is Near?:

    soooo glad I splurged for the XR

    I think the same thing every day!

  • About 4 hours ago, I called Onewheel and went to customer service.. My reason of calling was to ask when the Pre Orders would be over. What my call turned into was 30 minutes of waiting music and Onewheel hanging up on me. Now I do not mean for this to be hate on Onewheel by any means but I think that the reason of not getting an answer might have been because of everyone else calling in on behalf of their pint orders. Have any of you gotten to speak on customer service? How did it go?

  • I noted in the other thread but I was hung up on after around 5-10 minutes of hold music three times in a row.
    When I got through, I was given the reasoning of "they're ramping up still. They'll be able to do more and more every day".
    This had not really matched reality.

    If the OP is still interested in buying one, please know that realistically - without the shady optimism - you will likely not receive your order until October at minimum.
    Many of us who ordered in March are at mid August already. Pushed back over a month after the first orders finally went out.
    Even if they suddenly ramped up and succeeded at shipping 100+ a day, I'd still say at least October for any new order.

  • @Ethan_Sonberg there were many calls that included 3 mins of wait and then THEY disconnected the call... its becoming very unprofessional. They need a new PR team all together.

  • @Ethan_Sonberg I email them my question and got them answered the same day. Calling them is just a waste of time.

  • @ayeloren Do you have some secret email that you sent your question to??? I've been waiting for 3 days to hear back from support@ Onewheel. You must not have been asking about the delay lol.

  • I did not know that you could email them, I appreciate all of your help. I no longer am purchasing a Pint through the website of Onewheel but I am getting it at my local Surf Shop.

  • @Ethan_Sonberg that'll take even longer I feel

  • Well @TyDie I am getting mine in 9 days, and as said in my more resent post, I also get a $100 discount because I Pre Ordered it. I will be putting more posts on it when I get my Pint.

  • @Ethan_Sonberg If I hadn't pre-ordered in March, your route is absolutely the one I would have chosen instead. It's basically standard practice for a manufacturer to send a lot of inventory to their top doors ASAP once production has begun. I know that Scheels in Reno will be getting their shipments in at the end of this month.

    Congrats BTW!

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