App help; access custom shaping?

  • Can someone explain to me how to access custom shaping in the app? The video says to keep swiping right through the preset options until you get to “custom” but when I try that’s not an option. Mine starts on Redwood and ends on Skyline.

    TBH I kinda just want to try turning simple stop off, but I can’t figure out how to do that either. There are no instructions in the manual for either option so if anyone can help me out I’d appreciate it!

  • @a1katie I thought you couldn't custom shape a pint quite yet?

  • @TyDie oh really? I had no idea but that would explain my problem with the app then.

  • to turn off SimpleStop, just tap the "SimpleStop" icon on whichever shape you're currently using. i am not sure how to set up a custom one, though. i'm not that leet yet!

  • Thanks @Franko I thought you might know!

  • In the different "shapes" do you have "custom" if so there is an icon, a circle with horizontal lines and you just click it. At least that's what I've got for the xr.

  • @phukendrew said in App help; access custom shaping?:

    In the different "shapes" do you have "custom" if so there is an icon, a circle with horizontal lines and you just click it. At least that's what I've got for the xr.

    No I don’t. 😔 Guessing it must not be available for the Pint yet.

  • Unless you're really concerned with making your board super mellow there really isn't much the custom settings can do that mission/delirium cant. Granted I ride super aggressive and spend most of my time nose high in push back but I think once you get the basic premise of board control and manipulation the rider really becomes the effective variable in shaping. Everything else is just toning the board down so the rider can build confidence.

  • @phukendrew you sound like an experienced rider.

    How do you go fast for long periods without the worry of missing the pushback warning?

    How long does pushback occur before we eat dirt and does pushback act differently depending on which setting it's on?

  • I can only speak from my own experience so these are just my opinions but push back is pretty obvious and it puts you in an uncomfortable stance. Personally I've never pushed through it and buried the nose so I cant answer when that will happen. I can say that yes it seems the same in every mode, you're cruising along and the board goes from relatively flat to feeling like you're standing on a hill without really changing speed and you can kind of just hang there in your ride but it gets really uncomfortable and not much fun (makes it hard to carve) I think it's when you ignore that and push the nose down that it dumps you but again not something I want to experience so I haven't and dont plan to. I can say when pushing speed, keep the knees bent and be mindful of where your weight is over the board always ready to brake hard. If you catch yourself straightening out that back leg, leaning over the front is when you're doing everything wrong and aren't prepared for the unexpected weather it's a bump, nosedive or surprise pedestrian. All this being said I've used the fangs a lot on hard acceleration, steep hills and just loss of balance, but not from over speed.

  • @phukendrew brilliant thanks for your info.. much appreciated 👍🏽

  • @Daymos check out the Catalina run on YouTube where Raquel bombs the entire hill in an almost seated position. It's that stance that provides the power and stability to really getting aggressive on trails and getting the most out of your board.

  • @a_onekatie sorry was late when I replied, did not catch the original part where you said you couldn't get to custom. And looks like the pint has different names at least for the shapes, any way you can post the different profiles so we can check out how they match up?

  • @phukendrew i just watched it.. i used to skateboard in a similar stance going downhill

  • @phukendrew Okay I've been looking online this morning and can't find any official info on the Pint shaping modes, so I'll have to take some SS's when I can get home and connect to it again. In the mean time, off the top of my head:

    Pint has 4 shaping Modes

    • Redwood (described as easiest/most mellow mode, top speed maxes out at 12 MPH here)
    • Pacific (carviest mode)
    • Elevate (park/trail mode, nose is given maximum rise)
    • Skyline (top speed mode)

    I've mostly been riding Redwood (street/city) or Elevate (off road). But I watched a Vid this weekend, in which Jack said that Pacific was his favorite ride mode and a perfectly acceptable option for beginners. Anyway, I actually really like Elevate, but I wanted to play with custom shaping as I don't think I need the absolute maximum nose rise and was hoping to come up with something that would work better for me in both instances, instead of having to remember to switch back and forth.

  • @a_onekatie I have been using Skyline and love it! Elevated felt weird and I didn't bother with the other two.

  • @Panglossian REALLY????? Is the Pint your first Onewheel or were you already an experienced rider? I accidentally had mine set to Skyline the first time a tried riding and it totally whooped my booty!

  • @a_onekatie I have an XR that I got the end of January. I have about 200 miles on it. I now prefer the feel of the pint. It's really hard to go back on the XR now, it just feels like a tank!

  • @Panglossian Ahh gotchu! That is really interesting to hear! How do you feel about range and speed comparisons?

  • @a_onekatie I am way sad about the range - however, this weekend I went on about an 8 miler with my daughter she was on the XR and we took it easy and still had about 30% left. I can't wait until they come out with a PintXR! The pint seems faster and stronger. It's definitely a smoother ride. I am a slow rider because I don't want to break any bones - so I keep it well below 15mph. Mostly around 8-10mph.

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