Pint Bluetooth issues?

  • Really FM ?!? , your response is to put our phones on the foot pad in order to connect to the app. Give me a break, I’m pretty sure Bluetooth has better range than two inches. That’s a total cop out. I encourage everyone with this issue to contact them if your having this issue. Maybe if I document this via YouTube it can get some traction. Don’t get me wrong I love my pint but I don’t think it’s too much to ask that it work properly.

  • My BT sucks too. Agree with almost all said, but gonna try and look for silver linings in this, listed below, in no order.

    -my Bluetooth sucks at moments while in the car, on various headphones, wireless speakers, dslr’s, and drones. Never felt like bluetooth was/is ready for prime time anyway. Love it when it works tho.
    -work hard often using my phone to get things and experiences like a OW in hopes of using the phone less.
    -not sure if it digitally tracks/documents rides if you don’t activate app (or bring a phone, or watch) but don’t care. Doesn’t affect the fun.
    -have seen faster mph via app in real time than ever registered in my phone on rides. Don’t care.
    -glad I can float while leaving phone at home. If phone was required, could be a deal killer for me.
    -as a fun machine that takes a beating, guessing my phone BT works better cause it’s not buried underneath all the stuff that makes the Pint indestructible (so far)
    Float on

  • fm needs to get with Nike have them add a padded phone pocket to the hover shoes.
    alt text
    with a speed readout on the toe

  • Still waiting for a response from fm on mine. 6 days in so far. Hopefully they're working on it but some kind of update would be nice.

  • @tzracer22 Have you sent your Pint back or just opened a ticket? If you’ve had no response to a ticket I would call them, actually even if you’ve sent your board in I would call them. Hopefully they come up with a proper solution.

  • I decided to take some vid today, if anyone here is interested. Both are from my morning commute. Apologies in advance for the talk radio background noise, apparently Apple updated their screen cap software to catch sound as well now, which I hadn't realized (although, it does show that this is consistent video, not something I edited together after the fact).

    Anyone else getting the Spastic Speed read-out too? This is a newer development for me:

    This one is a lot longer, but shows the constant disconnections and that the stat read-outs are often inaccurate or delayed because of this:

  • @a_onekatie both of your URLs error out on me (message is "Sorry, we couldn’t find that page")

  • @BrettJB said in Pint Bluetooth issues?:

    (message is "Sorry, we couldn’t find that page")

    me too. : \

  • Really? Dang I tested and everything!

    Okay updated now!

  • Okay this is where the issue is really pissing me off. Parking lot ride this morning, I was getting major, noticeable pushback the whole time. To the point that I actually thought maybe I’d accidentally switched to Redwood without realizing. Take out my phone to check and no, I’m in Pacific, and the speed readout says 12. 12!?!?!? WTH? Holding the phone in my hand still, I reach the end of my ride and begin to slow down, and low and behold the app suddenly updates to this:

    So I guess I just gotta take whatever the app says with a grain of salt? 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • @a_onekatie said in Pint Bluetooth issues?:

    So I guess I just gotta take whatever the app says with a grain of salt?

    The trip information, such as mileage, speed, top speed, etc is all stored on the board. You can turn on the board, start riding, then turn the phone on later to connect and you will get the full trip stats.

    That said, this means that the bluetooth issue is real and @Future-Motion needs to get on this and get it fixed.

    Call Jon and tell him this is the XR issue all over again. How widespread I don't know, but sure seems that a lot of folks on here are experiencing it and this forum is a small percentage of the total riders.

  • @OneDan lol, also my apple watch came yesterday and y'all were totally right! If anything, it only makes things worse!

    Yes, a call to Jon is on the agenda today.

  • @a_onekatie I ride my OWs with the phone connected and a watch running the app and it's awesome. Anytime I want to check battery, speed, distance traveled/remaining, it's right there. And that's why @Future-Motion needs to fix the bluetooth on the Pint!

  • @OneDan same here dude

  • My pint connects and disconnects on a regular basis. Since the pint has the LED status lights I only need my phone to ensure that the right shaping mode is programmed before I start riding.

  • @Senior-Coffee yes because you’re an advanced rider. Think about us noobs just learning tho.

    I get that it’s not a big deal to everyone. But I would urge anyone experiencing this to at least let FM know. If they’re going to be obstinate at all about admitting there’s a problem then we need every one reporting this.

    I couldn’t get thru today b4 I got too busy, but I’ll try the phone again tomorrow.

  • @Senior-Coffee I also love the light bar power monitors on the Pint. They should have had those from the get go on all the boards.
    Seams like there was already a big discussion about Bluetooth problems a long time ago? I'm still getting about 20-25ft of range to the Pint and have zero problems with any FM boards since I changed my monitor device.(Jelly with no Sim card ). Works GREAT! It also has MP3 on it which I really like. Battery lasts for 4-5 rides or more, has a nice velcro strap that works on my wrist guard, and the display is better than all the watches I tried.

  • @Enterusername said in Pint Bluetooth issues?:

    I'm still getting about 20-25ft of range to the Pint

    All you need is an extension cord and your good to go! :D

  • Okay, finally SPOKE to someone today!

    Alex is handling my ticket now and will coordinate with me thru email going forward. He wants to start with me running a diagnostics report. I'll keep everyone posted!

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