Pint Bluetooth issues?

  • I watched a video today of a man who was riding his Pint, he complained of Bluetooth issues and said he had to have it a foot from the board to connect to his phone. Surely this isn’t the same issue as the XR? Especially when they said they wanted the Pint to be right before shipping. That’s why it took so long apparently. @Franko @a_onekatie @Vindigo75 do you have any Bluetooth issues with the Pint?

  • My Pint is constantly connecting and loosing connection. But it connects enough to see the battery and let me turn on lights etc. so it's not a bother for me. I like to use the apple watch to check speed and things but when it looses connection to the iphone it looses connection to the watch. So, that's not usable. My XR didn't do this or have this behavior at all.

  • @Panglossian It’s a shame the Pint has this issue after all the people returning XR’s or controllers to FM for upgrades or repairs.

  • @Mark-Vlogs said in Pint Bluetooth issues?:

    do you have any Bluetooth issues with the Pint?

    i think my second day i noticed the app constantly trying to reconnect to the board, but i haven't noticed it doing that since then, or had any other issues with connectivity. as far as i know, everything is working smooth and as intended. maybe there was an app update within the past couple weeks that addressed it, and people should check and update?

  • Hmm...I would say the connection is not super stable, but not absolutly terrible either. Mine is constantly disconnecting but updates accurately once I get it connected again. I seem to have the best results if I connect, and then leave the app open and phone in hand while riding. Not ideal tho, so it's been making me want an apple watch for the first time ever.

    I hadn't realized people were having issues with this!

  • @a_onekatie As soon as I put the phone in my pocket and the screen goes dark the watch will loose connection too. So, until they fix this issue the watch will not help you. I have to keep the phone awake and the app open for the watch to work. This is not how the XR works. On the XR, I do have to connect to the app then I can use the watch whenever without the phone being awake.

  • I lose connection to my Pint even when it is just sitting next to me. This is with the app open. It will sometimes disconnect every few seconds.

  • I not only lose connection often, but the app also will not post/report rides or mileage at times. I've had several instances where I will go for a couple miles (from my train stop to my workplace, for example) and I'll even check speed in the app during my ride. However, when I get to my destination and sit down to check, the app shows now mileage and still warns me of my impending day streak expiration at midnight.

    Now, personally, I don't give a fig what my "ranking" is, so I'm not particularly bothered by the day streak thing. Mileage, though, I would have hoped was more accurately tracked. Maybe it's stored in the controller and just reports up next time along with any new mileage I put on the board? Anybody have any insight into this? Sometimes it does seem like it jumps more than I thought I rode... I'd like mileage to be accurate so I can understand how much wear and tear I've been putting on the board's motor/battery/tire/etc, not just the physical scratches and dings I can see (and yes, I've earned a few of those as well!). I'd hate to have to guesstimate an extra 20-30% on the mileage reporting.

    This Pint is my first foray into the Onewheel world- liking it so far, but this Bluetooth thing has been frustrating, and I would have thought was a "solved" problem already...

  • @BrettJB and others, this needs to be reported to @Future-Motion by everyone that has the issue, that's the only way they will even acknowledge, then hopefully fix it. The board holds the mileage, so don't worry about that. Even if you connect someone else's phone to the board, you will see the actual mileage. What is more concerning about this, and I'm speaking from experience with the XR bluetooth issue, is that you may miss two important warnings: top speed exceeded and 50% battery remaining.

    So come on Pint riders, report this issue so it can be diagnosed and fixed while you still are under warranty! :)

  • Okay, I'm on it today!

    HERE is the link to submit a report to CS directly from the FM website, if people don't want to call.

  • I’m definitely going to have to do some testing when my OneWheel Pint gets to me. I’m not expecting mine to not have BT issues but I want to see if there’s consistency.

  • Filled out the FM form a few days ago. We’ll see what kind of response once I get

  • Grrr, almost a week and no reply from FM

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