What if shipping is late?

  • Sharing a recent experience. Pint order 449xx shipped standard shipping from FM 7/29 to my location on the eastcoast US. Had been "in production" for a week at that point.

    The Fedex tracking said estimated arrival by 8/2, guaranteed arrival by 8/5. As a funny aside FM's own estimated arrival date was 8/1...just couldn't help posting an aggressively optimistic and ultimately disappointing date there could they :)

    Package has not yet arrived. Fedex said because they missed their "guaranteed" date that I'm entitled to a refund on my shipping. But since I paid FM, they have to be the ones to secure the refund and give me my money back.

    I sent in a request though FM's email customer service portal. We will see what happens...

  • I sprang for 2nd day shipping on my xr, took 3 days to get here because fedex sucks repeatedly. they refunded FM who in turn refunded me within a couple days; big happy with that customer service

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