Road Rage

  • Coming-up on 500 miles in a few days. I experienced my first incident of road rage today. Small town, always do my best to be respectful of pedestrians and other motorists. When there's no way to totally get out of the way of traffic in both directions, I slow down and hug the white line at around 10 mph until things clear.

    Doing just that today, I had a driver come 3' from my side matching my speed, screaming out the passenger window 'GET THE F OFF THE ROAD, THE ROAD IS FOR CARS A-HOLE!!!' and giving me the finger.

    This is a small seaside tourist town. In the summer there are rental electric scooters & bikes, skateboards & bicycles, rollerblades & rollerskates all over the road.

    I was stunned. I shouted back and gave him the finger, which he saw when he got about 50' in front of me. He slammed on the brakes, to which I accelerated my board and bailed by his open passenger window, and got all up in his face through the window.

    It turns out I know him, he's a volunteer firefighter - he didn't recognize me because I wear a full helmet. I called the fire chief (who I also know) to give him a head's-up.

    I'm going to wear a helmet mount GoPro from now on. I also started carrying bear spray, not only because I trail ride, but because I was 'confronted' in a lonely area of town by 3 guys wanting to 'ride' my board.

    We've got tourists on all sorts of vehicles running all over town this time of year - so why pick-on the OneWheel.

    Sorry to vent - I just can't believe how f'in insane people have become - even out here, 150 miles from nowhere.

    Somebody tell me that I'm not the only s##t magnet on a OW.

  • @Kielanders Sorry to hear about this and that it happened to you. I'm sure living in a tourist area, many things happen, but for it to be someone local, and a firefighter at that, is discomforting.

    We've had a huge increase in rentable PEVs in our city, Jump bikes and 2 different electric scooter companies. The laws state they should be ridden on the street (in the bike lanes, if available), but I'd say over 1/2 do not. They also state helmets are to be worn, but I've seen maybe 1 or 2 ever. I ride mostly on the sidewalks because I've seen how people drive and I really don't want to become someone's hood ornament!

    Like you, I ride very cordially, especially when there are people around. I try to say hello or good morning to almost everyone, I always slow way down, but occasionally someone will yell at me to "get that thing off the sidewalk!" Funny thing is, it's usually on these double wide sidewalks and almost always when the guy yelling is the only other person on the block at the time. I'm attributing this to mental health, LOL.

    For the most part, I try to stay on non-main streets and I have almost no issues. If the sidewalk is blocked by too many people ahead, I'll go around on the street. I think until more people become aware of the PEVs around them, this is going to keep happening, which is a sad fact.

  • dang, as a new OW-er, i was worried about cars, but now i'm starting to worry about other people, too. i try to be polite and slow way the hell down, but still. : (

  • @Kielanders that sux. Ugh. However, just like ANY road rage, in or out a car, please try not to let your emotions get the better of you... Suppose you zipped right up when he pulled over and he stuck a gun in your face? That would definitely blow. And I'm in the south so pickup trucks are the Last peeps I'm picking fights with around here...
    Just be careful with that. I figure just wave and smile...
    I dunno, maybe I see it wrong here..?

  • @OJsakila

    You're absolutely right, and it's great advice. At the end of the day, I had no idea who was in that car - not my finest moment, thanks for bringing it back to what's important.

    I think what will help me is getting that GoPro helmet mount - I can keep it dialed-in if I know I've got it on vid.


  • This is inevitable, happens to everyone who is not in a car. I just try to be lighthearted about it!

    On OW, my go to line " Sorry I am still learning, Thank you!"

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