What's a good price for a used V1?

  • I came across one for $500 and was kind of interested in getting it while I waited for my Pint, and then I would have a small fleet if somebody came over and wanted to ride with me. Is that a good price? I don't know how many miles it had, as I'm waiting to hear back, but from the images it seemed in good condition.

    Also, does the V1 suck compared to all of the others or is it still a fun model to ride?

    All your thoughts are welcome!

  • @Alki_Soupboy I have had a V1 from the beginning. I've got over 700mi on my second tire. I've tried all of them a lot but not the Pint yet . Mine has been upgraded with all new pro pads and such. I can't tell that much difference in the Plus to get real excited about it. The XR is a heavy beast . The extra distance is great, but In my opinion It's still just a Onewheel with a big battery. I'm looking forward trying the Pint someday and maybe the next thing after that. The Onewheel is one of my favorite toys (just as it comes) plus a fender only for me. I would highly consider waiting for your Pint and maybe test it side by side with others before you jump around too much. So far I have only seen small/little size folks ride the Pint on youtube. I bet it's smaller size fits smaller people better.
    There's a chance my V1 may out live me. No regrets so far. Be careful about the odometer thing. I've been hearing fishy things about that issue. Good luck.

  • @Alki_Soupboy Look around to see what other people are asking for the V1. I did the same thing as you. I ordered my Pint and got very impatient waiting for it so I bought a Plus for $800. After looking around at what others are asking, I'm sure I can sell the Plus for what I paid once my Pint comes in.

  • I bought my first V1 last month with 22 miles on it for $1,000. I'm working on a second V1 right now with 10 miles on it for $700. In my opinion a thousand dollars is not too much to pay for an excellent condition low miles V1.

    I bought and sold an XR. It was extremely powerful and I loved the extra range but it definitely was heavier than the V1. I don't know what it is but for some reason I just like the V1 boards. I will probably end up owning about four or five of them and do various modifications on them.

  • This is a late reply, but I got my V1 for $500 with only 26 miles on it. Just passed 800 miles on it and still on the Vega!

    IMO getting another Onewheel for $500 is a STEAL. Especially if you'd want it as a secondary board for friends to ride. Just gotta be patient enough to find those really good deals.

    Currently looking to get a lower mileage (<200) XR for $1000. It'll take time, but I've seen them around

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