Onewheel Pint | Pushback

  • Now I know what push back is and how it can at some times be useful to determine speed, but I have never heard any mention of the push back in the Pint. At what speed on the Pint does the push back take action? If you own a Pint, have you ever had a push back? Thanks!

  • @Ethan_Sonberg I don't have my Pint yet, but from what I've seen online it's at about 15~16mph

  • Thanks @sinah ! I have been so impatient for my Pint which I will pick up at a local Surf Shop in 6 days! What I've been doing is looking at tips for the Pint in advance.

  • I’ve only managed a top speed of 12mph on my Pint so far and haven’t experienced any pushback (that I’m aware of).

    If you ride in Redwood mode, the top speed is set to 12 btw, so that one would probably start giving it to you at 11/12 MPH. If you’re concerned about that, I’d suggest starting on the Pacific shape mode instead.

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