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  • @tzracer22 I had my first pushback the other day (3rd day with my Pint). From the app, I was going 14.9mph. I was getting fairly confident on the thing and had a nice flat straight-away, but I had my knees decently bent and I've heard all the stories here so when my nose popped up I new exactly what it was and backed off. I'm glad I got to feel it finally... felt kind of cool :)

  • It really should be called “rock back” on the Pint IMO

  • Absolutely unqualified to speak to this. Had my pint 3 hours now, but I’m a couple miles in... pushed for long slow carves on an empty street and def felt some pushback, but I’m riding ‘pacific’ mode. Would ‘skyline’ help minimize this? Not looking for speed, but love a smooth carve at a little speed...

  • I have failed due to climbing uphill but not went that fast.. at least, less fast than 5 min before.. when I reached 33.7 km/h on flat... Im wondering if it could be possible to add feature to the Onewheel App so it trigger some sound before removing the self balancing and my knees and elbows get more injured. I really feel the pushback on flat surface but didn't notice much when climbing uphill.

    Also another feature for the App is when we completed a ride, having few checkpoints of speed along the track could help better understand limits of the board in specific conditions!



  • I have just had mine three days now, but I have over 23 miles in. I have definitely hit pushback at 14 - 14.5 mph in Pacific mode. Today I was pushing it a bit harder and the pushback seems like it is in response to that. I had two times that it rocked me back pretty good. One did startle me a bit. But I really think it is good and it does it for a reason. Before today I hit the speed but not with fast acceleration... and the pushback was a lot more gentle.

  • Definitely experienced pushback this morning. My persistent bluetooth issues prevented me from seeing my current speed at the time. However my board's top speed now shows up at 14.4mph.

  • Yeah its been a month since I had my Onewheel+ and I've only had one push back. It wasn't really bad, have any of the New Pint Owners noticed push back?

  • @Ethan_Sonberg umm yes. That’s what this thread is about 😆

  • 15 days in on a Pint, 308 miles, and I now feel qualified to speak about pushback. Yes there is pushback that comes on relatively gently at 14.5 mph or above, dependent upon road and riding style. I say “relatively gently” and “dependent upon road and riding style” cause I think pushback aggressiveness is related to how much you’re asking of the board. Feels like when sneaking up to higher speeds gently, the pushback comes on gently. Conversely when punching it at speed the pushback can come on really aggressively and give you a Captain Morgan moment. No speed demon tho- have hit 15.5 mph a few times, but never on purpose. Float on

  • @McFloaty PS- been riding skyline, 180 lbs.

  • Got to admit I’m pretty frustrated. On day 2 with the Pint, have tried all four preset modes and nothing fixes my constant pushback issues. I hit pushback every single ride. Every ride. App shows my top speed at only 13.8 mph. I got tossed hard and took a bit of a beating nosediving after pushback. At only 13.8 mph. It’s barely fast enough to feel comfortable carving. No idea how to prevent this. Everyone else seems to be getting ~15 to 16 mph before pushback is noticeable.

  • @MEEfO From what I’ve read pushback on the Pint starts at about 14.4 MPH

  • @MEEfO Several things affect pushback, but probably the one that does the most is rider weight. Heavier riders will tax the motor sooner, so it will pushback sooner. Many who can go faster are on the lighter side. If you don't think that's it, perhaps there is an issue with your board.

  • @MEEfO I only feel pushback at over 14 mph in all modes except Redwood which is set to give it at 12 mph. And in Pacific, I’ve gotten up to 15 without ever coming close to nose diving.

    How aggressively are you accelerating? That and rider wt. seem to be a big factor in Pushback. Could you be unintentionally leaning too hard on the nose, as part of your learning curve? The “click” moment for me as a OW noob was when I learned to just let go and let the board do its thing instead of trying to control it, if that makes sense to anyone else? Also I don’t totally understand what you mean about not being able to get fast enough to carve? I often carve to remind myself to slow down and keep myself from going too fast.

    Another thing, have you confirmed if your Bluetooth is working properly and maintaining a constant connection while you ride? Because mine does not, and if I were in your situation I wouldn’t trust for a second that the app was indeed showing my correct top speed. Mine currently does not.

    If you really feel that something isn’t right with how the board is functioning, then it may be worth contacting FM as I know a few faulty footpad sensors on the pint have already made there way out into the world.

  • @a_onekatie Appreciate the detailed reply. I think everything you said makes sense. I’m 6’3” ~205lb so maybe heavier than most riders and taxing the motor? I’ll keep that in mind. I’ve never noticed Bluetooth issues with my phone before but I’ll pay more attention to it to see if it’s constantly updating stats. Re: carving I personally find it more comfortable riding/ carving at higher speeds. I guess it’s the snowboarder in me. The slower I’m going the less control I feel on the board and a bit of wobble creeps in. I’m going back out tonight and tomorrow. Hoping I get more accustomed to the pushback. Maybe I should get an XR instead if things don’t improve.

  • @MEEfO said in Onewheel Pint | Pushback:

    The slower I’m going the less control I feel on the board and a bit of wobble creeps in.

    Okay I can def help you out there! Have you checked out your tire pressure yet? For optimal stability you really want it set to 10% of your body wt. FM typically, but not always, ships them at around 20 PSI, so it’s worth checking to see where yours is at. My ride felt super squirrely until I made this correction and once I did OMG the difference was immediately noticeable!

  • @a_onekatie said in Onewheel Pint | Pushback:

    For optimal stability you really want it set to 20% of your body wt. FM typically, but not always, ships them at around 20 PSI, so it’s worth checking to see where yours is at.

    wait, really? there is no way i would inflate my tire to 20% of my weight. that would mean it would need to be inflated to around 29 PSI. i think that would pop it! right now i'm aiming for just under the 20 PSI it shipped with -- usually around 15-17 PSI. a softer tire really feels more forgiving to me.

  • @Franko said in Onewheel Pint | Pushback:

    wait, really? there is no way i would inflate my tire to 20% of my weight

    @a_onekatie meant 10%, that's the advice I had given her and that many follow . . . probably just a typo ;)

  • @OneDan @Franko

    Crap yes sorry its 10%! I’ll edit my other post!

  • @a_onekatie said in Onewheel Pint | Pushback:

    Crap yes sorry its 10%! I’ll edit my other post!

    omg, thank you -- that makes much more sense! haha

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