Polished rails

  • So there I was sitting in the garage. I had just taken apart a V1 parts board that I purchased. The rails were really chewed up and had some pretty bad scraping going on and I thought about stripping the anodize off and painting them. After I got the anodize off I decided to polish them instead of paint. I'd always wanted to try my hand at polishing aluminum and this seemed like a perfect opportunity.

    I used easy off oven cleaner to strip the anodize, much simpler than I thought it would be, took only 15 minutes. The anodize literally just wiped off. I stripped both sides of anodize. I then wet sanded with 400, 1000, 3000, and 5000 grit sand paper. I finished off with Mothers metal polish. I was surprised how well they came out. Not a total mirror finish but man what a difference. The pics don't do it justice. I didn't really keep track of how long the first rail took but the second one took 2 hours to sand/polish. The pics show the progression from beginning to end.

    Pic 1: the rails before I started. Pic 2: immediately after wiping off the oven cleaner. Pic 3: one rail mostly done and one still to go. Pic 4: both rails done.

    ![alt text](5dcd6812-85b5-4d1e-8382-3bb9a3ee6739-image.png image url)IMG_20190806_113919688.jpg

    ![alt text](edd032c8-a4d5-4787-a302-54faf860f535-image.png image url)IMG_20190806_122345528.jpg

    ![alt text](651a0649-1663-4ced-ac92-21949ec93756-image.png image url)IMG_20190807_054028553.jpg

    ![alt text](8d96fbec-de9c-479d-bf96-8abf33489c04-image.png image url)IMG_20190808_062337514.jpg

  • @Senior-Coffee that looks really cool. You should also upload a pic with the finished rails on the board

  • I plan to. These rails came from a parts board that I bought to rebuild. Once I finish gathering the parts It'll be floating with some bling. : p The pics are already kinda old. I've already polished them 2 more times to make them "pop" more.

  • Saw a photo of a OW with a polished wheel rim. Looked awesome. Go the full polish look.

  • I thought about the wheel. Not sure how I'd do it but may be worth checking into.

  • @Senior-Coffee I doubt the rim is OEM, likely a standard go-kart part. I'd just get another wheel/rim combo and swap them out without swapping the tire. Some whitewall tires would look epic with the polished metal.

    Seriously, someone with more time than me needs to do this!

  • wow, that's sexy as hell.

  • @Senior-Coffee those look so good cleaned up...

    One question, did you take the S/N off the bottom of the rails? FYI: A friend in Florida did and they refused to do repair work on his board. Not meaning to be a Debbie Downer on this but wanted to relay a word of caution.

  • Yup, serno gone. I originally tried to keep it but the tape I used to cover it ended up working itself off once I sprayed the oven cleaner on it.
    I took a picture of it before I started for whatever that's worth. Secondly I will never be sending this board in to be worked on. This is a board that I just tinker with. Polishing the rails was the first thing that I tried.

  • @Senior-Coffee polished rim done. New bearings installed after polish. Finished photos to come. 🙂


  • @stinkyface said in Polished rails:

    @Senior-Coffee polished rim done. New bearings installed after polish. Finished photos to come. 🙂


    Very cool. My polished rails have been built into a board and it's now on FB marketplace.

  • @sinah said in Polished rails:

    @Senior-Coffee that looks really cool. You should also upload a pic with the finished rails on the board

    I realize this is a bit late but here is the board assembled. I've since sold this one but acquired another set of rails that will be polished soon.

    ![alt text](76cdb701-0a29-4057-a034-ae2e5bc60759-image.png IMG_20190927_064512419.jpg)IMG_20190927_064512419.jpg
    ![alt text](69524e3a-f643-4de7-a0aa-decc248d29ef-image.png IMG_20190927_065053514.jpg)IMG_20190927_065053514.jpg

  • @Senior-Coffee @stinkyface 99D1AFBF-52DE-40E1-B36A-F0A65D60CF03.jpeg
    Thanks for the inspiration. I’ve got a two month project dubbed “Silver Surfer.” I will post a pic every few weeks showing progress. Here is step one; preparing rails for stripping.

  • @HanahsDax really interested to see how it turns out.

  • After seeing @Senior-Coffee rails fully assembled, polishing just the small perimeter of the rim (at the tire bead) would look awesome.

    Maybe still polish the entire rim but then black out the centre with matt black vinyl would give a crisp edge.

  • @stinkyface C94C1330-C887-4224-85B8-6F79E80CB8FA.jpeg
    Here’s the new set of rails after stripping anodize with Easy-Off and wet sanding with 1500 grit. Still needs another sanding with finer grit and polishing. I put them up against my V1 with OEM color rails and my XR with white rail guards for color comparison.

  • I realize I am a relative rookie with about 300 miles on my Pint, but my rails are all scratched up from panic dismounts etc.
    How could one possibly expect to keep that mirrored finish? More power to you but I don't think I would sacrifice all the fun I've had on the board in the past 6 months to maintain a finish.
    That said, I'm glad you are ALL enjoying your Onewheels in your own ways.

  • @cojobi Not sure if I will get mine as shiny as @Senior-Coffee but I purchased clear rail guards to protect my finished product. I also thought I could always sand and polish out the scratches. Onewheels are meant for battle scars!

  • @cojobi Lol, 👍 @HanahsDax is better at putting miles on than most of us mortals! Take a peek at the streak leaderboard if you haven't already connected those dots.

    Clear coverings do take away the brilliance of the polish, but do protect them well.

  • @HanahsDax from 1500 grit you can probably go straight to a gel polish. What are you thinking for the Onewheel badge location? I saw a while ago someone making custom badges.

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