Pint does not engage

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    I’m 115 so I’m not sure if maybe I’m too lite for the pint to register.

    No way! I’m like 116 right now and it works fine for me 😉

    As a light weight, I do highly recommend taking your tire pressure down for better stability. I’ve been riding at 12 psi but am tempted to go even lower.

  • @a_onekatie I’m going to definitely try deflating the tire a bit. I got thrown off by going over a road speed bump in the neighborhood. I lost my balance and forced the pint to go squirrly, and sent me riding off into a sidewalk curb that made the pint go sideways which caused me flying off. I guess it takes a lot practice to go off roading.

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    Just got my Pint, and about 30% of the time after I turn it on and I drop the front in to engage it would just drop to ground. Blue lights on, and both feet on the pads. It would take a few drops before it engages the motor.

    funny -- my Pint started doing this suddenly, too, just in the past week or two. sometimes it takes me around 3 tries to get it to engage properly. I will add that i'm wearing different types of shoes when this has happened -- sometimes thin-soled skater shoes, other times Vans slip-ons. The other thing of note is that this behavior is not consistent: i've noticed it happening suddenly, but it doesn't happen every time. i am not totally convinced it's an actual problem with the Pint yet... it could be something on me as the user end of things, too. But i thought i'd chime in on it.

  • Using just your hands on both front and back pads with both pressure sensors engaged on front, does the motor engage consistently when you tilt the board to level?

  • @fotoflux1 yes! that was the first thing i checked when it started happening. that's what makes it so weird.

  • @Franko @fotoflux1 what you guys are describing happened to me a lot in the beginning but rarely does any more. I described this in my original review actually. But I just figured it was due to me being overzealous and trying to get going again too quickly for the motor to “click on” and engage.

  • @a_onekatie yeah, maybe i'm just going too quickly -- especially since i've had it since July and this is just now happening. maybe i'm feeling more comfortable and just wanting to get rolling too quickly.

  • You might try one of the Jimmy Chang hacks. Before you step on give the board a little shove. If it is ready to go it should resist you and not roll well at all. If it isn't it will freewheel away. Then it may need an off and on cycle to reset things.

  • @Sponge315 oh, interesting. i missed that video of his, i guess. i'll try it out. thank you!

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    You might try one of the Jimmy Chang hacks. Before you step on give the board a little shove. If it is ready to go it should resist you and not roll well at all. If it isn't it will freewheel away. Then it may need an off and on cycle to reset things.

    Another reason I prefer to turn it off while commuting and switching over to the train. When waiting in the station, I can use my foot to roll it along when the line moves. If it was on, that would be much tougher.

  • Dude 2 small felt pads on the sensor and it’s fixed for me..give it a try...My buddy from Germany actually put two strips of Velcro on his..

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  • @ShreddieMcskate
    I love the ingenuity in our community. Great Hacks for sure and it solves the sensor contact issue brilliantly....

  • i may try the felt pad/velcro idea... it's still doing it, even when i try to go really slowly to bring it up to level. it always takes 2+ attempts to get the motor to engage now. to make it worse, there always seems to be some interested person nearby waiting to see me actually RIDE one, so having a stranger watch me S L O W L Y nosedive (twice) is kind of embarrassing, haha.

  • @Franko
    I know what you mean about the tilt through Nose Down on first start, it is a little embarrassing even when eyes are not on you. I experienced it on the Pint this past weekend after a wheel slip up a curb. When I moved it to flat ground and rocked forward the nose just hit the ground. I agree that I may not have fully waited for the sensor to engage and just hopped on, smashing the front down. The second time I pushed the board back to make sure the motor was active and resisted the movement before tilting forward. No issues the second time....

  • @LidPhones yeah, i've been trying that, too, and it seems ready to go, but nope... nose bonk twice more often than not.

  • Those new pro ride traction pads look like they would work better with high arches👍🏽I’m gonna try them once I find out which ones I have to get for the Onetail...with or without kick...

  • so, just took my Pint out for a couple miles of just low-speed carving practice, and i didn't have any trouble with start-up nose-bonking, but i DID start off very slowly, and watched to make sure the sensors were engaged across both sides. what was interesting to me is that 5-6 times during my session, i got that alert that i was riding above 5mph with one sensor not engaged, like i had my foot off one side or the other — but in looking down at the light bar, i couldn't tell which side was supposed to be the one i wasn't engaging, since the lightbar wasn't on. isn't it supposed to be on all the time? or am i mis-remembering? (guess i need to read my manual again, haha.)

    i DID notice that i tend to ride on the ball of my front foot while turning toe-side, which is a habit i have from snowboarding, i guess, so maybe that's it. but having the lights to give me a visual would sure help.

  • @Franko I get that warning quite a bit, mostly on bumpier off road terrain. I’ve still never had an unexpected nose dive or shut off while riding tho. And mostly, due to the app connection, I don’t notice until I’m done either. I wouldn’t worry about it too much.

    I had the nose dive upon start up today a few times. I was practicing that technique for stopping without simple stop, where the wheel does spin out at the end, so I wonder if that could be the trigger?

  • @a_onekatie yeah, by the third or fourth time i got it i was already starting to ignore it, but it's a new thing that's been happening as of today, so i'm just trying to figure out WHY it's suddenly happening. i'm still using simple stop (and honestly my stops are so inelegant, sigh), so i don't know about the wheel spin out. i will eventually get brave/foolish enough to turn off simple stop, i am sure. (haha)

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