Pint does not engage

  • Just got my Pint, and about 30% of the time after I turn it on and I drop the front in to engage it would just drop to ground. Blue lights on, and both feet on the pads. It would take a few drops before it engages the motor.

    I’ve reached out to customer service, but wanted to know if any other people are experiencing this.

  • @ifyoumustknow are you sure you push the on off switch with the board on the floor?if you switch it on in a different position it doesn't work

  • @ifyoumustknow that’s really odd, especially if the light bar is turning blue. I’ve seen issues with the foot sensor not engaging but in those situations the light bar stays white.

    What type of shoes are you wearing? Turns out softer soles can be prohibitive here too, so I’d start with that.

  • Turn-on on a flat floor. The sensors is very sensitive, I can put a light touch with a finger on the top and bottom sensors and the light will turn on. I try to keep my feet flat when I drop in at doesn’t seem to make a difference.

  • @ifyoumustknow

    As others said, the board has to be flat on the floor in ready position before powering-up.

    Also, on my XR, it is VERY finicky if I accidentally place my thumb (or even a phone) on the front footpad/sensor when powering-up.

    It's very natural to touch the top of the front footpad with your thumb to stabilize the board when pressing the power button . . . but don't do it.

    When that's the case, I also get a 15 blink error code (front pad sensor) on the power button.

    If I've triggered the sensor on start-up, but don't notice the error code on the power light, my board front will just drop when I mount.

  • @ifyoumustknow what about your shoes tho?

    I’d refer you to this thread:
    @ShreddieMcskate said in One wheel pint front sensor pad:

    Dude I tried my brand new slip ons and they work way old slip ons work on my XR still....I think thats what my problem was ..the bottoms of my old shoes are worn out from skateboarding also so they’re super soft...And everyone that I let try it were skaters with bad shoes....maybe the smaller sensor likes new kicks...I‘ll keep testing over the weekend

    And later-
    @ShreddieMcskate said in One wheel pint front sensor pad:

    Response from Onewheel
    Awesome to hear you were able to resolve the issue, that does make sense if the shoes were worn down as a soft spongy sole does not make as good of a connection with the board. Keep testing and let me know how it goes over the weekend.
    So if you get a pint make sure your shoes are newer or have harder soles

  • @ifyoumustknow I obviously have no idea how you are actually mounting your board but you might be dropping the front too fast / aggressively. Try to do it with more control and slower.

  • Thanks all for advise. I’m 115 so I’m not sure if maybe I’m too lite for the pint to register. I did get some Vans and I think it helped.

  • @ifyoumustknow said in Pint does not engage:

    I’m 115 so I’m not sure if maybe I’m too lite for the pint to register.

    No way! I’m like 116 right now and it works fine for me 😉

    As a light weight, I do highly recommend taking your tire pressure down for better stability. I’ve been riding at 12 psi but am tempted to go even lower.

  • @a_onekatie I’m going to definitely try deflating the tire a bit. I got thrown off by going over a road speed bump in the neighborhood. I lost my balance and forced the pint to go squirrly, and sent me riding off into a sidewalk curb that made the pint go sideways which caused me flying off. I guess it takes a lot practice to go off roading.

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