Two-x battery kit upgrade tripled the range on my V1

  • I ordered this kit and installed it Monday. It took approx. 4 hours total and that's only because I missed a step in their installation video and had to redo some wiring. Sometimes I'm a little bit picky and I didn't like how my installation of the wires came out so on Tuesday morning I redid them. In my opinion, the installation isn't that difficult but it is detailed and you have to pay attention to the free installation video provided by two-x.

    With that said, the results are nothing short of amazing. I have a factory stock V1 except for the now installed two-x.
    I live in Northern Virginia near the Blue Ridge mountains so it's a little hilly here. I did a range test with the newly installed kit starting yesterday and I finished today. I rode in my neighborhood approx. 10 to 13 mph and tried to keep the ride similar to my normal non range testing rides which included copious carving, driveways, sidewalks, a couple circles at the local middle school track and of course obeying the law and stopping at stop signs. I weigh 205#, rode in Extreme mode and tire was 18psi.

    I started with 100% battery and ran the board down to shut off. I had it in my head that because of the hills that I wouldn't go past 12 miles. I was amazed when the board finally shut off and I had totaled 16.5 miles. Some of the features of the app, (range and battery capacity), function incorrectly with the two-x kit but I had learned from the two-x site that voltage levels can be used to accurately provide battery capacity data. Range traveled can be determined from the odometer which still works. See the two-x website for tons of useful data.

    I highly recommend this kit if you're interested in adding a lot more range to your V1 or Plus. I used to have an XR and my V1 beat it's best range by 1.5 miles under similar riding conditions. Along with that the power of my V1 increased. Acceleration is faster and takes less effort. My normal speed pushback at 13 mph stayed and I'm ok with that since I'm not into riding all that fast anyway. I can't imagine how much farther I'd go if I didn't have hills, hmm.

  • @Senior-Coffee I'm hoping a version for the pint comes out soon

  • @Senior-Coffee said in Two-x battery kit upgrade tripled the range on my V1:

    Acceleration is faster and takes less effort.

    This is what interests me for my + as much as the extended range. I ride my XR mostly and today went almost 15 miles with 24% charge left.

  • @TyDie said in Two-x battery kit upgrade tripled the range on my V1:

    @Senior-Coffee I'm hoping a version for the pint comes out soon

    Me too.

  • @Senior-Coffee

    How many miles did you get out your V1 before you upgraded? I have an almost new battery in my V1 and a new tire. I weigh about 250lbs and I got 5.1 miles last night with 24% battery left. I'm riding about the same pressure and speeds as well but maybe not as hilly. Sometimes it seems like this thing will outlive me. LOL I would sure like to get that range someday! That is very cool!
    I'm definitely putting that kit on my to do list. I just don't want to pull a good battery yet.

  • I got 5.2 to 5.5 miles. I have hills where I ride.
    The battery I took out only had 85 miles on it. It had 22 when I bought it. It's going into a 2nd board I'm building.

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