Evolve Carbon GTR vs Onewheel XR all terrain

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    To preface, the only thing I'm interested in is having an all terrain rideable. Most of this does not pertain to riding on the road.
    Before I bought the Evolve, I kept telling myself "The Onewheel is better. The Onewheel is better". Then I bought the Evolve Carbon GTR AT... I had no idea just how right I was. I don't know how they even can call this board "All Terrain". When you look at the Onewheel, you might think that its design is mostly novelty. In fact, it is incredibly functional and negates the vast array of problems that you will encounter with an Evolve when riding offroad.
    Let's start with the four wheels. Not only do these 4 wheels being smaller mean that you will feel every bump to a much higher degree but having two sets of wheel passing over the bumps means you will feel every bump twice. The ride is incredibly janky. Then you've got 2 axles which are only 4 inches off the ground and will cause drag in any grass 4 inches or higher, leading to overheating in an 80+ degree climate. Overheating can leave you stranded and walking home carrying the board. Even if the grass is only 2 or 3 inches, the Evolve has a really tough time riding in grass at all. You will experience a battery life of half or likely less than what you have become accustomed to with the Onewheel in the same conditions.
    The Evolve only goes 1 direction and you have to choose between loose and tight trucks. Loose trucks offroad don't amount to the same turn radius as the Onewheel and give you even less stability. The evolve will instantly stop if you hit a branch that is too large but you can "log nudge" over a fallen tree up to about 8 inches thick with the Onewheel. The belt drive system of the Evolve doesn't self cool but the hub drive of the Onewheel purportedly sucks in cool air as you ride. Overheating comes with no warning at all, so if you walk more than a couple feet away from the board for any reason, when you get back, you will be blindsided by its refusal to re-pair the remote.
    Okay, a lot of this is a non-issue on a flat surface, so maybe they'd be spot-on if they called the Evolve ST for "Single Track" rather than AT for "All Terrain". I had the Evolve GTR for 4 days, and that was 4 days I'm not going to get back. The only upside to a skateboard style rideable over the Onewheel is that it won't nosedive. Given that learning to run out of nosedives can eliminate the dangers of them, that singular upside is not worth the multitude of other problems you will encounter with an Evolve.
    Now as for the Evolve's claim that you can return the board within 7 days for a full refund: It is a blatant, shameless lie. If the board has any dirt on it, you will pay an undisclosed restocking fee. Given that this is an "All Terrain" board, there's no way I could get every molecule of dirt off of it so I ended up selling it instead.
    Be proud of the crazy looking invention that you are currently riding. It goes further, doesn't overheat, doesn't have a turn radius and while it requires active attention to detail/deweighting, it will actually allow you to handle more difficult terrain. It is incredibly capable albeit not as fast. You may not realize it but there are probably a dozen facets of the Onewheel that you take for granted. Consider this if you become tempted to buy an "all terrain" skateboard. Don't make the same mistake I did.

    Float on good people

  • @Fresh wow. What a rant.. Lol
    However, I'm glad to have read what you had to say..
    I had thought about that purchase but went with the XR instead.
    I'm glad I did. And I'm glad you agree. 👍

    Nice read.

  • For real hardcore off-roading nothing beats an EUC.
    If you want to stay on 4 wheels you'd need some high end mountain board with top mounted battery and bindings imo.

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