Commuting on the Pint

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    • EPAMDs are not allowed on either stairs or escalators. Use the elevators to get in and out of the station and onto the platform. If an elevator is out of service, go to the next station. Do not use the stairs or escalators under any circumstances.

    "• EPAMDs are not allowed on either stairs or escalators. Use the elevators to get in and out of the station and onto the platform. If an elevator is out of service, go to the next station. Do not use the stairs or escalators under any circumstances."

    I'm sure this applies to more larger objects like scooters so yo umay get away with hoolding your pint like a briefcase

  • @J0nKn1ght
    Have not had that yet on the Pint. But the pushback is almost too strong when compared to the OW standard size line (V1, + and +XR). I start pushback at 14.1 and the nose pushes really high by 15mph. Looking forward to what @Future-Motion has to say. Heal up but keep riding...

  • @a_onekatie thanks Katie. I was on skyline. I thought that the way pushback worked was that it would steadily increase to the point that your tail was on the ground.
    This was definitely just a cut out of the motor, which is when the nose hit the deck. The only information that I've been able to find about error 16 (posted on this forum) was that it indicates that the motor couldn't communicate with the battery.
    My hip took some of the impact as well, so I'm pretty achey. Hoping that I've not got concussion, as my helmet dents show how hard I hit the ground.
    I think that your probably wise to stick to redwood. I think the problem was that I'd got used to the speed of the XR.
    Probably won't be riding for a while, and I can't wait for the comments that my colleagues at work will have when they see my battle scars!

  • @J0nKn1ght I've got almost 3000 miles on my + and my XR combined and with a top speed of 19 mph, my max is 15 mph. I even have a watch running the OW app connected to my phone to make sure I don't go over that. Extrapolating that to the 16 mph max speed on the Pint, I would say to not go over maybe 12/13 mph max. Of course, this all depends on rider weight, incline, wind, etc.

    Pushback is telling you that the motor is close to not being able to keep the wheel under you. When that happens, you'll know it (as you do now). How do I know that? Because my nosedive at 600 miles into my OW career happened at 21 mph. Let's just say, it was not pretty. LOL

    I, myself, have only felt low battery pushback. But if you're cruising at 19 mph and it tries to pushback (at least on the + and XR versions), it's really quite subtle.

    Anyway, besides having the watch to keep check on my speed, somehow my body won't even let me go past 14/15 mph. I can just feel when I'm crossing that line.

    Since that fall at 600 miles, I've had 2 close calls, both at low speeds trying to accelerate too quickly, but my fangs saved me.

    Heal up and hop back on, but definitely take it easy and try for no pushback.

  • @OneDan @a_onekatie Having slept on it, I think that it probably was my fault. It happened when I had just moved off a level path onto a slight incline, and I think that I might have shifted my weight forward to compensate for the change, whilst it was still giving me a speed pushback.
    I guess that'll teach me not to try and go the same speed as the XR on a Pint.

  • @J0nKn1ght Ouch, take care, hopefully FM will be able to put your mind at rest as to what happened.

  • One full week of commuting in the books!

    • 14 Miles logged
    • 14 MPH new top speed
    • Reprimanded twice by security guards
    • Encountered one OW+ (and two “other” electric skateboards)
    • asked by one scooter rider WTH I’m riding
    • permit in the mail
    • calloused hand
    • no accidents or mishaps at all!

    Absolutely loving every second of it!!!!

  • Light rain today, ain’t keeping me down! Got pretty wet, but seriously surprised by Pint’s grip, no slipping at all!

  • @a_onekatie For me, you're probably the best person to ask this because of your new board, but does your OW get scratched from general use, so like no crashes or what not, mostly just dismounting or things getting kicked up from the tire? Or is it fairly scratch free?

  • @DashinglyHunter I know you didn't ask me but I'm gonna give my own answer nonetheless (◔‿◔)
    The bumpers are advertised as wear and tear parts and I don't think you can ride without scratching those. The side bars are a different story, though you can certainly scratch those too and I did that big time. Wasn't particularly careless, just inexperienced and I've been benched since.
    So my to cents, don't be concerned too much about scratching the board. Just stay safe

  • @DashinglyHunter oh my board is utterly wrecked already!!!! 🤣😂

    I’m sure if I had been more experienced when I first got it, it would be in much better shape today. But yeah, I have huge gouges in my bumpers and my side rails are scratched and dented to sh**, even my rail guards have a few big tears. My fender and handle too are scratched.

    But, it’s a board. It gets used. And (as several pros have assured me 😉) it holds up. So I figure I can’t complain too much and, ultimately if it bothers me I can always replace those parts. And it’s been confirmed that we can even have our rails replaced by FM, just note you do have to send the whole board in.

  • @a_onekatie
    My plan is to use the rail guards even though at first I didn’t want to put them on the board, I’m gonna take my time to avoid air bubbles. And I have a lot of confidence in my self at the moment, so I hope I’m not to confident in my self. 😂

  • @a_onekatie yeah, mine is pretty thrashed too. but oh well, like you say... i can just replace parts later if i want it to look new again. but for now, i'm good.

  • @DashinglyHunter I would suggest riding on grass or soft dirt at first. One of my biggest mistakes, aesthetically speaking, was learning to ride on gravel. Oh and don’t let your 11 year old nephew on it either 😉

  • @a_onekatie Luckily, I don’t have any younger siblings, or youngins that would want to ride it. I thought about starting indoors but now thinking about it, if I fell off and the board slipped, there it goes into the wall. 🤣

    I’ll definitely start out in my back yard, it’s flat and has some good soft grass.

    Bonus: if I wipe out my security camera might catch it lol

  • Just saw this on the OneWheel subreddit 🤣


  • Sorry I've been absent, but i finally got my pint 1 week ago and I've been commuting on it daily. I put at least 10 miles a day in on the board.( a full charge gets me about 10.5 miles ) commuting is a blast, it's like nothing I've ever riden. It's so damn smooth compared to the eboards I'm used to, and so much more nimble too. It's perfect for my ride due to sh*tty sidewalks and a nice little dirt path that's a thrill to ride. I'm almost to 100 miles and I cant wait to hit 1000. 10/10 purchase![)

  • @TyDie also after one week I'm at, 79 miles logged, 18.9 mph top speed and I finally learned how to carve!

  • @TyDie 18.9 damn son be careful there!

  • @DashinglyHunter lmao nice!

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